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hiring two way digital radios for events in lincolnshire

Hiring two way digital radios is the topic of today’s blog.

Radio equipment has moved on in recent years, and the days of local radio scanner enthusiasts eagerly listening in to your event communications can be over by using digital equipment instead of older analogue technologies.

Radio equipment has moved on in recent years, and the days of local radio scanner enthusiasts eagerly listening in to your event communications can be over by using digital equipment

We can help you by advising on the correct system for your needs, in a non technical way if you prefer.

Then when you are happy to proceed, supply, setup  & test the equipment in the ‘field’ before training any staff on it’s use as necessary.

Hiring two way digital radios, such as the popular Hytera PD705LT, is what we do on a regular basis.

Lincolnshire two-way radio hire has been successfully deployed at events throughout the county.

We always carry out a pre-event site survey, as we believe this is important.

Having a pre-event site survey, allows us to check for poor or non existant coverage areas on your event site.

The problem with relying on the theoretical range claims, by radio equipment manufacturers, is that they are ‘theoretical’

Radio signals can be affected by physical objects, such as hills, and buildings.

Certain types of buildings are worse at reducing communication range, than others.

For example metal warehouse type buildings are worse than brick built buildings.

They are worse because they make it harder for the radio signals to pass through. They can even block the signal totally!

    two-way radio hire hull & lincolnshire

    two way radio sales lincolnshire

    The latest shiny digital two-way radios available in Lincolnshire & beyond right now, available from ourselves. Alternatively you can get a brand spanking new traditional analogue model from £150.

    All that we do is backed up by the reassurance that the proprietor has City & Guilds qualifications in electronics & radio communications, as well as a degree in the communications area.

    Want to hire instead for an event, then talk to us also about why it can be a good idea. Our handheld radios available for a poultry £10 each for up to a week.

    Call us now on:

    01522 740818 or 01482 520818

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    We are Yesway Communications’ of Lincoln, and have over twenty years of experience in two way radio communications services & electronics repair.  From walkie talkies, to sophisticated trunked & radio over the internet solutions, we can help your organisation with all aspects of two way radio communication.

    Wide area communication using repeaters is available at attractive prices, along with equipment sales or rental.

    Where to buy a two way radio in Hull

    lincolnshire two way radio dealers

    Lincolnshire two way radio dealers

    Yesway Communications (part of Yesway Ltd) are based in the Cathedral city of Lincoln, in the east midlands of England. We are Lincolnshire two way radio dealers.

    lincoln two way radio hire and sales
    Lincoln two-way radio

    We are two way radio dealers and wireless system specialists, and offer our services not just locally, but Nationally and even Internationally.

    Services offered include: Sales & Hire of two-way radio equipment, and even custom design work and consultancy.

    Different types of radios are suited to different applications.

    For example we can help you choose the right radio, if you are a Lincolnshire farmer. A farmer requires a rugged radio, that has a casing designed to be able to withstand bad weather.

    A Lincoln farmer may also need wide area coverage that can be provided by a repeater system.

    For outdoor use in open country, such as fields, VHF is a great choice.

    VHF stands for Very High Frequency, and is the radio frequency band that the radio operates on.

    Other radio users in Lincolnshire such as factories, would probably be best suited using UHF.

    UHF stands for Ultra High Frequency, and is at a higher frequency than VHF.

    Due to the smaller ‘Wavelength’ of UHF, it tends to work better at getting round obstacles in buildings.

    For prompt, friendly service why not contact us today. (01522) 740818 or (01482) 520818

    We are based in Lincoln on Longdales Rd, at the BG Futures Business & Enterprise Centre.