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Two-Way Radio Services Sheffield

Yesway Communications specialise in Wide area two way radio communications Sheffield, and enable Sheffield businesses to use our network of professionally managed trunked radio repeaters, which can offer UK wide as well as local wide area coverage.

The radio network operates 24 hours a day, and has a dedicated team of quick response engineers, who which we are in regular contact, ensuring that your mission critical communications continue smoothly.

The network uses ‘Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping Technology’ which means that it is hard to eavesdrop, and is therefore more secure than traditional CBS repeater solutions operated by some of our competitors.

Yesway can also provide conventional equipment sales, hire & full service backup.


Two Way Radio Grantham

Professional two-way radio services are available to all types of Grantham business from Yesway Communications of Lincolnshire.

We are only based down the road from Grantham, in Lincoln, so can serve you quickly and efficiently, and with a smile on our face.

  • Wide area solutions, allowing UK & worldwide long distance radio communications
  • Radio Sales
  • Radio Hire
  • Repair
  • Advice
  • Installation

Our Lincoln number is (01522) 740818, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Horncastle Two-Way Radio

Yesway can provide your Horncastle based business with wide area two way radio, through our networked trunked radio repeater network, which can also allow you to talk around the UK.

The local wide area repeater is based at Stenigot and provides excellent coverage in east Lincolnshire to farmers, security companies etc. Unlike some of our competitors we do not try to run our own repeater as well as other activities. Instead we work closely with our partners, who are a national business solely concerned with providing the best repeater coverage and reliability around the clock.

Many large organisations that need ultra reliability in their radio networks use the same network. As an authorised local partner Yesway are able to deliver tailored solutions, that we believe are unparralled.

We can also provide conventional two way radio solutions, including hire & sales.

photo of an entel dx handheld radio

Gainsborough Two Way Radio Services

Two Way Radio Services For Gainsborough

Yesway Communications of Lincolnshire can provide full Gainsborough two way radio services, including voice communications, Industrial IOT & M2M integration, to businesses in Gainsborough.

Our specialism is providing business users with robust wide area communications solutions, that can cover wide geographical areas of the UK, as well as locally in Gainsborough, and wider Lincolnshire.

Whatever your business requirements for wide area or localised radio communications, we can provide the solutions you seek.

Our solutions include the ability to create custom product solutions, to achieve exactly what you need.

Long Range Event Communications

Handheld mobile radios are great for cheap reliable communications, however for long range event communications, communication range can be an issue for some events that take place over multiple sites in Lincolnshire for instance.

Yesway of Lincolnshire  can provide trunked repeater based solutions for your event which will out perform conventional two way radio systems.

An event split between a site in Lincoln & another site in London for example could reliably communicate using handheld walkie talkies, via our national trunked repeater network.

Get in touch, and we will be happy to help in any way we can.