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Boston Two Way Radio Services

Yesway Communications can provide LoraWAN IOT data monitoring &  wide area radio coverage. It is available in Boston & surrounding areas of Lincolnshire.

In addition we can supply most two way radio services to boston business users, such as sales ,hire & repairs.

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Radio Communications for Farmers in Lincolnshire

If you are  Farmers in Lincolnshire who requires reliable & cost effective two way radio communications then Yesway Communications’ can provide a wide area system covering most of the Lincolnshire.

We have experience of providing Lincolnshire farmers with wide area communications.

A recent client wanted to be able to communicate instantly over a wide area.

The farm actually consisted of two separate farms a few miles apart.

There was also the need for operation inside buildings, vehicles and open countyside.

An initial onsite meeting and assessment was arranged with the farmer.

The initial meeting included a discussion of the clients ideal system, and communication range.

During the initial meeting, tests were also carried out using RF (Radio Frequency) equipment.

RF checks helped establish an initial picture of coverage range at low power.

It also allowed the accurate checking for coverage issues, such as inside metal framed buildings, such as storage sheds.

The next stage was to design a system that would exceed the farmers requirements.

Our service included system design, Ofcom Licence application, onsite installation of the repeater system.

We also offer LoraWAN which is a low power technology suitable for connecting crop and animal sensors to the Internet cloud.

This allows Smart Agriculture.

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South East Two Way Radio Coverage

We can supply businesses in the south east, such as taxi firms, builders and security firms with mobile two way radios with unlimited airtime from £20 a month (minimum 12 month contract).

For £20 you get a quality professional two way radio made by manufacturers such as Tait & Kenwood, plus unlimited calls via a local wide area radio repeater.

The system is available in most of the UK, and can cover the whole of the Uk for not much more money per month. Just Imagine – unlimited calls for a low fixed fee, & no unauthorised phone calls to workers friends and relatives.

Due to the power of our repeaters you usually only need small aerials that don’t require planning permission, which means you can be up and running quickly.

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two way radio hire for taxi

Yesway  offer taxi companies all over the Uk easy to install and operate mobile two way radio packages including unlimited calls from £40 a month (Minimum 12 month contract).

For this price you get two mobile taxi radios (one base & one mobile), two aerials (antennas), and unlimited airtime calls through our local wide area repeater system.

This system probably offers greater coverage than a conventional  system, and is great for  private hire firms who don’t want the uncertainty of equipment breakdown.

This is an ‘out of the box’ solution that startup taxi firms can particularly benefit from, though existing firms can run our system alongside their existing radio equipment.

Additional radios can be added for £20 each per month, as your business expands.

We can also offer additional options, such as taxi dispatch systems that always let you know where you taxis are, on screen, so that you can dispatch the nearest car to the customer without having to constantly find out where they are.

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Birmingham Two Way Radio

Birmingham and the West Midlands M5 corridor is set to gain even better wide area two way radio coverage, due to new radio communications technology called PTT over Cellular.

The system which already covers Birmingham and the west midlands and M5.

We are excited to be able to offer this benefit to our customers, who demand wide area communications for a low fixed monthly fee.

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