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TrakRanger GPS Tracking

TrakRanger systems let you keep control of workers and assets.
GPS enabled, and linked with Google maps.

GPS  tracking of location
Text messaging

Stun / revive

Radio Check

Location polling

Yesway are authorised. Dealers for TrakRanger.

Call: (01522) 740818 for a demo.

Hytera Psuedo Trunking

Traditional radio trunking systems use a digital control channel to allocate users a free communications channel when they wish to talk. It lets the other users in the ‘group’ know which channel they (the radios) are using.

This system is more efficient than conventional two-way radio communication, and allows more groups of users to share a limited set of frequencies.

Hytera Psuedo Trunking is a system only available from Hytera. It allows two separate conversations to take place at the same time on the same channel. For example a council could have their refuge department and also their park ranger department talking to members of their respective departments at the same time, and not be aware of the ‘other’ department using the channel.

Yesway Digital Communications can provide the Hytera DMR Psuedo Trunked system for your organisation.

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Is reliable communication in your Swimming Pool important

Is reliable communication in your Swimming Pool important?

We have a great solution !

If you operate a swimming pool or leisure centre, then waterproof handheld radios, or walkie-talkies as they are also known as can save you money.

As a repair business, Yesway Communications’ has seen many a handheld walkie-talkie dropped into the swimming pool by clumsy staff.

Sometimes we have been able to repair them, though this adds to the customers operating costs, that could be avoided by choosing waterproof equipment.

The UK designed licenced, and licence free models from Entel, are designed to be able to withstand water immersion.

The Entel HT446E is designed to be fully submersible to standard IP68.

Alternatively the new compact digital Entel HX series, also offers IP68 water protection.

We have already supplied these to local authority leisure centre clients, who were previously sending us their ‘non submersible’ radios for repair, after they went for a swim.

Call (01522) 740818 for more information

Or a Buy a licence free HT446E now: for £179.99 + VAT each.

Or a digital HX400 series, starting at £185+ VAT

You’ve done what to the radio /%%$^&*(

You’ve done what to the radio!

This dreaded one way conversation between boss and employee is sadly repeated throughout the world every working day of the year.

But CHEER UP , as help is at hand in the capable form of the ‘radio pixies & elf’s’ at yesway Communications.

John Lennon once wrote, ‘there are no problems, only solutions’

We live by this ethos, and can replace the case and repair your two-way radio equipment to have it looking like new again (provided it is not beyond repair. We are good, but not miracle workers :-)

two-way radio


W-CDMA – stands for Wideband Code Division Multiple Access.

It is a standard produced by the International Telecommunications Union, or ITU, and is a development of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA).

The official name of W-CDMA is ‘IMT-2000 Direct Spread’, and is a 3g wireless technology

Encrypted Handheld Radios

Voice encrypted handheld radios help keep your messages secure from eavesdroppers.

Voice encryption is available in both traditional analogue radio tecnologies , as well as in the latest digital communication standards.

Hytera (HYT) are a leading world brand, and a leader in two-way-radio systems. We recommend them along with Motorola and Entel.

AES 256 encryption is a symmetric key encryption algorithm.

It uses a 256-bit key to encrypt and decrypt data.

AES stands for Advanced Encryption Standard and is a widely-used method for protecting sensitive data.

It is considered to be very secure and is used in many applications, including online banking, e-commerce, and secure communications.

The encryption process involves the use of a secret key, which is used to encrypt the plaintext, and a decryption key, which is used to decrypt the ciphertext.

The key used for encryption and decryption must be identical for the process to be successful.


Hull Street Angels Trinity

We are proud to have helped the Hull Street Angels Trinity Charity with their radio communications.

The charity has recently launched, and operates on a Friday & Saturday night to patrol the Trinity area of central Hull, providing help and assistance to people out enjoying themselves in Hull, who may need a friendly face and possibly assistance.

The Hull Street Angels Trinity Charity works closely with the authorities, such as CCTV, and the radios are capable of communicating directly with someone in the control room.

After meeting with the charities coordinator, discussing the charities  requirements for communicating by radio, and carrying out range testing, the system supplied was based on Vertex-Standard UHF hand-portable radios.

The radio system was tested around the required city centre area, before handing over.

The staff were also trained in the radios use.

Case Study BBC Production Company

Wireless LPWA narrowband internet of things service provider

Narrowband Internet Of Things for lincolnshire wolds

We are in the process of implementing a state of the art digital narrowband wireless Internet of Things Network system for business and service users, which will cover the lincolnshire wolds and beyond.

The wireless narrowband system will offer encrypted secure communications for the internet of things sensors.

The narrowband network will be of interest to agricultural farmers, as well as any firm or organisation that wishes improve operational efficiency through monitoring there processes using remote wireless sensors throughout the wolds and beyond.

Initial range tests have confirmed excellent signal strength in places such as Lincoln & Grimsby, as well as around the lincolnshire wolds themselves.

Further roleout is happening across the county of Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Nationally.

kenwood TK3201 case replacement

We can replace your broken Kenwood TK3201 case for £40.  This includes removal of your old broken TK 3201 case by our technicians, and the fitting of a brand new genuine Kenwood case.

Contact us for more details and to arrange.


Zigbee Wireless Characteristics

Wireless Connection Technology

Zigbee is a wireless connection technology created by the ‘Zigbee Alliance’ which is being used in a developing number of new products.

It is a wireless technology operating in the unlicenced  2.4 Ghz ISM (industrial, Scientific, Medical) frequency band.


Zigbee characteristics make it suitable for short range wireless communications.

It is based on the IEEE 802.15.4-specification, created by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

The technology is used to create personal area networks, also known as PAN(s).

PAN’s are created using low-power digital radio tranceivers, using Zigbee technology.

 PAN’s are used in applications including home automation, data collection, and medical devices.

Zigbee is designed to be used in small scale projects requiring wireless connection.

Characteristics of the technology is low-power consumption and RF transmit power, low data transmission rate, and short communication range.

  • Developed by Zigbee Alliance
  • IEEE 802.15.4 based specification
  • High level communication protocols
  • Used to create Personal Area Networks (PAN)
  • Uses small low power digital radios
  • Typically used for home automation, medical device data collection, other projects requiring low power & low bandwidth
  • Conceived in 1995, standardised in 2003, revised in 2006

Features of Zigbee

  • Low power
  • Low data rate
  • Close proximity data communications
  • Wireless ‘ad hoc’ network (WANET), which is a decentralised type of wireless network.

Zigbee Advantages (compared with other WPANS, such as Bluetooth & WIFI)

  • Simpler
  • Less expenditure

Applications (typical uses)

  • Wireless light switches
  • Home energy monitors
  • Traffic management systems
  • Other consumer & industrial equipment, requiring short communication range & low wireless data transmission rate
Typical  Performance
  • 10 – 100 meters range (per device), based on line of sight
  • Range dependent on both power output & environmental characteristics
  • Long distance communication possible by passing data through a ‘mesh network’, which allows the data to transfer through ‘intermediate’ devices between zigbee nodes
  • Long battery life, due to low power consumption
  • Secure communication using 128 bit symmetric encryption keys
  • 250 kbit/s, which is suited to intermittent data transmissions, such as from a sensor or other input device.