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Helping Charity in Hull set up communications system

We are currently helping a Hull-based charity set up a hand-portable communications network in central Hull.

During our initial meeting with the charity coordinator, we explained the options and possible issues, such as a reduction in the strength of the signals due to the tall buildings.

Then we carried out a test that involved walking around the proposed coverage area with a Vertex-Standard VX231 hand-portable and communicating back to another hand-portable at the charity’s base location.

The range survey proved that a radio repeater, which is used to boost range, was not required. This means that the charity was able to get operational within their budget, and without compromising on equipment quality.

We are happy to be helping the charity in our small way.

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Hull FC coach communication problem solved

Recently I met with Shaun McRae and his staff at Hull FC regarding problems they were having communicating between the coach in the main stand, and the man on the pitch-side.

The existing radio equipment that they were using had been back and forward for repair, with no fault found on a number of occasions, and they had understandably had enough.

After the meeting it was decided to invest in new radios and earpiece microphones.

One important consideration was that the man on the pitch needed to be able to here the radio message above the crowd noise. We recommended a Sordin Noise cancelling speaker mic headset, and discrete security style earpieces for the coaches in the stand.

The radios we supplied were the rugged and reliable Vertex-Standard VX231 series.

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heavy duty ear defender headset with noise-cancelling boom microphone

Rugby Club Radios

We had a meeting yesterday with the boss of a major rugby club who is having communication problems with the radios being supplied by another company.

A number of issues were identified including poor range, and  Ofcom licences that permit use within two miles of the ground, but which are not valid for the away matches that the radios are been also used for.

We can provide advice and solutions to rugby and other sports teams regarding the best communications solutions for you.

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