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Encrypted Handheld Radios

Voice encrypted handheld radios help keep your messages secure from eavesdroppers.

Voice encryption is available in both traditional analogue radio tecnologies , as well as in the latest digital communication standards.

Hytera (HYT) are a leading world brand, and a leader in two-way-radio systems. We recommend them along with Motorola and Entel.

AES 256 encryption is a symmetric key encryption algorithm.

It uses a 256-bit key to encrypt and decrypt data.

AES stands for Advanced Encryption Standard and is a widely-used method for protecting sensitive data.

It is considered to be very secure and is used in many applications, including online banking, e-commerce, and secure communications.

The encryption process involves the use of a secret key, which is used to encrypt the plaintext, and a decryption key, which is used to decrypt the ciphertext.

The key used for encryption and decryption must be identical for the process to be successful.


Hull Street Angels Trinity

We are proud to have helped the Hull Street Angels Trinity Charity with their radio communications.

The charity has recently launched, and operates on a Friday & Saturday night to patrol the Trinity area of central Hull, providing help and assistance to people out enjoying themselves in Hull, who may need a friendly face and possibly assistance.

The Hull Street Angels Trinity Charity works closely with the authorities, such as CCTV, and the radios are capable of communicating directly with someone in the control room.

After meeting with the charities coordinator, discussing the charities  requirements for communicating by radio, and carrying out range testing, the system supplied was based on Vertex-Standard UHF hand-portable radios.

The radio system was tested around the required city centre area, before handing over.

The staff were also trained in the radios use.

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