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TrakRanger GPS Tracking

TrakRanger systems let you keep control of workers and assets.
GPS enabled, and linked with Google maps.

GPS  tracking of location
Text messaging

Stun / revive

Radio Check

Location polling

Yesway are authorised. Dealers for TrakRanger.

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Hytera Psuedo Trunking

Traditional radio trunking systems use a digital control channel to allocate users a free communications channel when they wish to talk. It lets the other users in the ‘group’ know which channel they (the radios) are using.

This system is more efficient than conventional two-way radio communication, and allows more groups of users to share a limited set of frequencies.

Hytera Psuedo Trunking is a system only available from Hytera. It allows two separate conversations to take place at the same time on the same channel. For example a council could have their refuge department and also their park ranger department talking to members of their respective departments at the same time, and not be aware of the ‘other’ department using the channel.

Yesway Digital Communications can provide the Hytera DMR Psuedo Trunked system for your organisation.

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Is reliable communication in your Swimming Pool important

Is reliable communication in your Swimming Pool important?

We have a great solution !

If you operate a swimming pool or leisure centre, then waterproof handheld radios, or walkie-talkies as they are also known as can save you money.

As a repair business, Yesway Communications’ has seen many a handheld walkie-talkie dropped into the swimming pool by clumsy staff.

Sometimes we have been able to repair them, though this adds to the customers operating costs, that could be avoided by choosing waterproof equipment.

The UK designed licenced, and licence free models from Entel, are designed to be able to withstand water immersion.

The Entel HT446E is designed to be fully submersible to standard IP68.

Alternatively the new compact digital Entel HX series, also offers IP68 water protection.

We have already supplied these to local authority leisure centre clients, who were previously sending us their ‘non submersible’ radios for repair, after they went for a swim.

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Or a Buy a licence free HT446E now: for £179.99 + VAT each.

Or a digital HX400 series, starting at £185+ VAT