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man holding a two way radio whilst wearing PPE

Cable Laying Ship Radio Communications Case Study

Cable laying ship with a communications problem.

Offshore wind turbine installation, involves cable laying.

The electricity produced by the offshore turbine, needs a way of been bought ashore.

We were contacted by an engineer on a cable laying ship, at sea.

They were to be docking in the Port of Sunderland, within 24 hours.

The ship was then going to spend a short period of time in the port, before sailing down the coast towards Skegness.

The ship was chartered by a leading UK energy producer

Why Did They call Us

They had bought UHF handheld radio equipment from another supplier that appeared not to work, and they came us with the intention of purchasing new replacement equipment at considerable cost, for an urgent job at an offshore wind farm development.

We travelled up to their operating base in Sunderland and carried out a radio range survey, using our own UHF equipment. This test proved successful, with full coverage in all the required locations.

Next we took away one of their handheld radios to our workshop in Lincolnshire, where we hooked up the radio to our computer, and read the software programming details of the radio. This test proved what we had suspected, namely that the radios were not setup in a way best suited to the customers operational needs.

Once correct licence details were obtained from the client, we headed back to Sunderland and correctly programmed all of the clients handheld radios (over 20).

This was carried out to a very tight timescales, as we were asked to go back to Sunderland only at 4PM. We packed up, and arrived just after 8PM, and completed the task just after 10PM.

The renewable energy client needed to use them for operational purposes, later that same night. YESWAY  DID IT!

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