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Technology Training by Experienced Marine Engineering Trainer

Marine Engineering Electrical Maintenance Training

Our experienced marine engineering trainer can offer your organisation experienced trainers, specialising in Marine electrical and radio engineering systems.

Our professional skillset encompasses marine electrical installation, fault finding, and servicing.

Our trainer is formally a lecturer of South Shields Marine School, where he taught practical workshop and theoretical classroom courses.

Highly experienced in working with international marine engineers, and trainees.

Of course, our trainer is also highly experienced in radio communications systems, having earned a degree in the subject, and starting in the industry in 1990.

Installation Training

Star Delta Starter Training

hotel radios

Two Way Radios for Hotels

Two Way radio for Hotels – Hytera make a number of both analogue and digital radios for hotels, suitable for the hospitality industry.

Small, rugged and compact and just what you need to enable efficient running of your hotel.

Imagine being able to ask your chamber maid in room 10 to add an extra pillow that the guest has just asked for at reception.

Well yes I suppose you could go upstairs and tell him / her, but that would take time, and your time is valuable.

Yes I suppose you could use a mobile phone, but aren’t you trying to discourage your staff from using their mobile phone?

Get two way  radios for hotels, be it Hytera or Entel (or another brand, which we can also supply).

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PMR446 Licence free for European Union Businesses that move around


PMR446 EU wide radios

PMR 446

Does your business need to use short range two-way radio throughout the European Union, including the UK?

PMR 446 is a licence free standard offering licence free radio communication anywhere in the European Union.

This makes them perfect for business users that will be moving around a lot, and who require short range communications.

You don’t have to be moving around a lot of course, and these work great in shops and other retail premises, and being licence free, will save your business money.

There are of course some disadvantages to consider.

The RF power output is fixed at only 0.5 Watts, yes half a watt!

Licenced equipment from most manufacturers allows transmit power outputs of 4 or 5 Watts, depending on Manufacturer.

This does not mean that a 5 Watt radio will transmit 10 times as far, because 5 Watts is 10 times 0.5 Watts, but it will give it more ‘Punch’.

When I say ‘Punch’ I mean the transmitted signals ability to get through and around physical objects, such as doorways and trees.

pmr446 handheld radio

PMR analogue handheld radio lincoln and hull area dealers

Objects reduce, or ‘Attenuate’ the transmitted signal, so having a bit more ‘Punch’ can be beneficial.

However for short distance communication, licence free PMR446 radios are more flexible, as you do not need an OFCOM licence, which costs from £75.

PMR446 radios are also more flexible because the OFCOM licence needed for a licenced radio, only covers usage in the United Kingdom.

Take your licenced radio equipment to France for instance, and you need a French licence etc.

Therefore for business users that travel throughout EU, PMR446 is a good choice.

To see a range of two-way radios, why not visit our online shop by clicking here.

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marine radio

Marine Communications Safety Solutions

Marine Communications safety is important in any working environment, but at sea, do often can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Whether you are an ETO, Chief Engineer or Captain you can make your life at sea run smoother & safer with Marine Communications from Yesway Ltd

Whether you are an ETO, Chief Engineer or Captain you can make your life at sea run smoother & safer with Marine Communications from Yesway.

We have been involved in the Marine industry since 1988, including working in Marine electronics Manufacturing, and lecturing at the world renowned ‘South Shields Marine School.
In addition we have experience in working on ships correcting the radio communications mistakes of other less experienced companies.

Entel are leaders in Marine radio communications, and we are proud to be able to supply their excellent equipment.

We are also recommending Hytera to our clients, as a reliable and durable brand for marine communications safety.

Whether you need Atex for inspecting your battery room, or a Good quality GMDSS portable radio, Entel, Hytera, and Yesway are the go to guys to trust.

GMDSS stands for Global Maritime Distress and Safety System. It is an internationally-agreed upon set of safety procedures, types of equipment, and communication protocols that ships are required to carry and use in order to enhance the safety of life at sea. The system includes the use of satellite and terrestrial radio communications to provide ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communication, and to transmit distress alerts and location information. The goal of the GMDSS is to increase the likelihood of rescue for ships in distress by allowing them to quickly and easily alert nearby ships and search and rescue authorities to their location and the nature of the emergency.

ATEX stands for “ATmospheres EXplosibles.” It is a set of European Union regulations that govern the design and use of equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The regulations cover equipment and protective systems that may be used in areas where there is a risk of a explosion due to flammable gases, vapors, dusts, or fibers. The regulations are based on the principles of risk assessment, and aim to prevent explosions and minimize the harm caused by explosions that do occur.

ATEX regulations apply to equipment and protective systems that are used in a wide range of industrial environments, including oil and gas production, petrochemical and chemical processing, food and beverage production, and many other sectors.

ATEX divided in two categories:

ATEX 137 for the workplace (work environment)
ATEX 95 for equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres (product)
Both categories are applicable in the EU member states and the equipment falling under this regulations must carry a mark and certificate of conformity to ATEX directives

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Hytera PD405 UHF DMR Digital Radio

A Good Digital Radio for your Schools Data Protection – Hytera Radios

As qualified teachers ourselves, we understand the importance of Safeguarding your students when In Loco Parentis.

In addition to Safeguarding concerns, Schools Data Protection should be paramount for your school, college or other academic institution.

Many of the radios being used in schools and colleges today are risking confidentiality by not being encrypted.

This means that anyone in the area, with cheaply available equipment can listen in to what is being said over your walkie talkie radios.

We offer a free audit to schools in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire to check that your radio equipment is not easy to eavesdrop on. This helps with your schools business process improvment plan.

We also can train your staff in the risks and responsibilities that they as radio users need to comply with. This includes the relevant Wireless Telegraphy acts.

We can help you make sure you are providing the best in terms of data security and ensuring the confidentiality of your students.

A radio that we would recommend you consider is the Hytera PD405, or PD755 models.

Entel Marine Radios


The Dependable and Rugged Entel Marine Radios of Analogue and digital Two Way Radios are established winners in the Marine Industry, and also produce durable handheld radios for dry land too!

As Authorised Dealers for Entel range, the British designed radio range, we would like to offer businesses in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire an on-site demo during this month.

We are sure you will be impressed with the Sturdiness and ease of use, that the Entel range offer serious business users.

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From £150

Retrofitting the Internet of Things to Industry

Things to Consider When Retrofitting the Internet of Things to Existing Industrial Equipment

The Internet of Things or IoT for short is already known to the public through innovative products, such as body-worn fitness monitors, that record and upload data to the internet.

In the industrial sectors, such as manufacturing, new systems are being developed to replace existing infrastructure, to improve efficiency.

However, what about perfectly good existing equipment that you, as a business, do not want to replace. The answer is to retrofit equipment, to make it ‘Smart’.

It is convenient to break down the IOT process in terms of:-


Therefore retrofitting the Internet of Things….tb continued

This is the first of our videos on retrofitting the Internet of Things to existing industries, such as factories, agriculture and cities.

Internet of Things

Retrofitting the Internet of Things to Industry