DTEx Marine Radios

Entel’s DTEx Commercial Marine Series is a range of marine radios specifically designed for commercial use.

They offer crystal-clear audio quality, long-range communication capabilities, and durable design.

They are “intrinsically safe”, which means that they are designed to not produce sparks that could ignite flammable gases or dust in hazardous environments, making them suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

This makes the Entel DTEx Commercial Marine Series a valuable tool for commercial boats and ships operating in hazardous environments.

Key options, features and benefits of the tough and dependable Entel DTEx series, include:

VHF or UHF, display & non-display models

Industrial-grade design

ATEX and IECEx intrinsically safe approvals for EU and non-EU markets

Meets the essential EN60945 Maritime Approval

IP68 – industry-leading submersible rating (2 meters, 4 hours)

Digital mode (UHF only)

Loud and intelligible audio (using the latest noise reduction technology) – ideal for high noise environments such as those experienced on deck at sea.

High-visibility OLED display (high contrast white on black) – allowing for excellent readability in all light conditions.

High-torque ergonomic controls and ultra-tactile buttons – making the radios easier to more reliably operate when using gloved hands.

Fully submersible gold-plated battery & accessory connectors – ensuring ultimate protection against corrosion and other common saltwater hazards.

DTEx Marine Radios, are available from stock.

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