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Yacht Recommendation for Marine Two-Way Radio

The Motorola DP3441 is an excellent choice for marine environments, offering durability and reliability crucial for operations at sea.

Its compact design ensures convenience without compromising on performance. With a large capacity Lithium-Ion battery providing up to 10 hours of operating time, the crew can rely on continuous communication throughout their duties.

In emergencies, the addition of throat microphones with attached acoustic tubes enhances communication efficiency and ensures clarity even in noisy or chaotic situations. This feature is particularly valuable for deckhands who may need to communicate vital information quickly and effectively.

The installation of the radio system has significantly boosted onboard security and productivity. Officers and crew alike appreciate the robustness, reliability, and user-friendly nature of the compact radios, which streamline communication processes and facilitate seamless coordination.

Yesway Communication delivers ongoing support and post purchase assistance, therefore the yacht owner can rest assured that any future issues with its two-way radio equipment will be promptly addressed, ensuring peace of mind for all onboard.

What is the best handheld two way radio system for a superyacht in Europe?

Selecting the best handheld two-way radio system for a superyacht in Europe depends on several factors including range requirements, features needed, budget, and specific preferences of the crew. Here are a few top options that are commonly recommended:

  1. Motorola MOTOTRBO Series: Motorola is a trusted brand in the two-way radio industry. Their MOTOTRBO series offers a range of handheld radios suitable for marine use. These radios often have long battery life, good range, and rugged design.
  2. Icom IC-M73: Icom is known for producing high-quality marine communication equipment. The IC-M73 is a popular handheld VHF marine radio with features like waterproof construction, long battery life, and strong audio output.
  3. Standard Horizon HX870: Another reputable brand in the marine communication sector, Standard Horizon offers the HX870 handheld VHF radio. This model is known for its integrated GPS, DSC functionality, and rugged design.
  4. Simrad HH36: Simrad is a well-known name in the marine electronics industry. The HH36 is a handheld VHF radio with features like waterproof construction, long battery life, and a large display for easy readability.
  5. Garmin VHF 110i: Garmin is renowned for its GPS technology, but they also produce high-quality marine communication equipment. The VHF 110i is a handheld VHF radio with features like clear audio, DSC functionality, and easy-to-use interface.

Before making a decision, it’s essential to evaluate the specific needs of your superyacht and ensure that the chosen radio system complies with relevant regulations and standards for maritime communication in Europe. Additionally, consider factors like compatibility with existing onboard communication systems and ease of integration. Consulting with marine communication experts or professional installers can also provide valuable insights and recommendations tailored to your specific requirements