AM & SSB CB Radio to become legal in UK

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CB radio operation became popular in the UK in the late 1970s / early 80s. The early operators using imported AM, or Amplitude Modulation types from the United States.

The use of AM & SSB (sideband) was illegal in the UK, but despite this thousands of people used it. The government decided to legalise CB radio use in the UK in 1981, however the legalised ‘CB 27/81’ standard used Frequency Modulation, or FM, rather than AM.

This meant that the large user base of existing AM users were still operating illegally.

AM CB operation in the UK largely died out, though SSB continued to be used illegally, due to the long distance communication that can be achieved. This is particularly true at the peak of the Sun Spot cycle, which peaks around every twelve years. Worldwide communication is possible, with suitable aerials, power and accessories.

The UK government has recently announced that they intend to legalise AM & SSB operation to harmonise the UK with other European countries from summer 2014.

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