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Craig Miles

This may be the most self indulgent post I have made online, as it is about me and what makes me tick.

My passion is seeing things differently, and coming up with ideas. Some people call this ‘out of the box’ thinking, but the fact that it has a ‘name’ means that it is not original  that trying to think this way is not the most effective way to create new ideas.

I am one of those people who finds ‘right brained’ creative ideas come very easily, though I need to be put in the right situation, to create the right conditions for my mind to create.

‘The right situation’  as I previously mentioned above is the physical place that I am standing or sitting in when the ideas flow best.  Examples are whilst standing in the shower, or walking outside.

There are opportunties everywhere for business, as in other areas of life….It all depends on what you are focusing on most.

So what am I doing writing this on a site that is about radio communications.  Good question 🙂  I trained in electronics and radio communications, and it therefore would be a waste of my skills not to promote and offer my skills to others.

Of course my creative mind takes over on a regular basis, not only in promoting this website, but in inventions and product ideas that I am developing related to the radio communications industry.

In my humble opinion; do what you love for a business, but do it better than it is currently done in the market.



Craig Miles