Single Phase Transformers

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Star-Delta Starters

A  Star-Delta (or Wye-Delta)  starter is used in electrical engineering to start larger three phase motors, typically over 4 KW (5 HP). The Star-Delta starter is chosen, rather than the cheaper D.O.L (Direct On Line) for larger motors, because when a motor is started a surge current is generated for Read more…


Inductive Loads

Inductive Loads Inductive loads are loads from electrical equipment.  Electricity circulates through coiled or wound  wire. An inductor is a component which produces a magnetic field, when a current is passed through it. Examples of inductive loads include relays, motors, solenoids, & transformers. As a general rule, if an electrical Read more…


Resistive Loads

Resistive Loads Resistive loads are most often are found  in circuits where electricity  produces heat, light, or both forms of energy, Resistive loads do not produce movement. Examples of resistive loads include Kettles, Incandescent Bulbs, and Heaters.   (c) 2013 Craig Miles