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Why Direct To Handset Satellite is a Game Changer for World Education

Direct to handset #d2d satellite technology, has the potential to transform world education. The transformation includes allowing all children to access education. Currently, millions of children don’t have access to education. This lack of access disproportionately affects girls and women. Traditional Mobile (cell) Phones work by having nearby Cell Towers. These Cell Towers connect the …


Technology Training by Experienced Marine Engineering Trainer

Marine Engineering Electrical Maintenance Training Our experienced marine engineering trainer can offer your organisation experienced trainers, specialising in Marine electrical and radio engineering systems. Our professional skillset encompasses marine electrical installation, fault finding, and servicing. Our trainer is formally a lecturer of South Shields Marine School, where he taught practical workshop and theoretical classroom courses. …

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Schools radio audit

Radio communications is often used by schools to communicate between the office and the playground, but does it need a free audit ? Many systems in use can be easily eavesdropped on by strangers, which has possible safeguarding issues. We are offering schools a free onsite audit of their two-way radio equipment. To register email:   …

Induction Motor

Star-Delta Starter

A  Star-Delta (or Wye-Delta)  starter is used in electrical engineering to start larger three phase motors, typically over 4 KW (5 HP). The Star-Delta starter is chosen, rather than the cheaper D.O.L (Direct On Line) for larger motors, because when a motor is started a surge current is generated for a short initial period. This …

Comparison of True Versus Reactive Power

 Comparison of True Versus Reactive Power When a  resistive load is connected, no phase shift is occurs between the voltage and current. The Power that is the  result of the resistive load  performs work in the circuit. This is      known as “true” power, and is measured in watts. By  comparison, an inductive load causes a 90-degree …

Induction Motor

Inductive Loads

  Inductive loads are loads from electrical equipment.  Electricity circulates through coiled or wound  wire. An inductor is a component which produces a magnetic field, when a current is passed through it. Examples  include relays, motors, solenoids, & transformers. As a general rule, if an electrical load involves movement, it is classed as being an …

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Resistive Loads

Resistive loads are most often are found  in circuits where electricity  produces heat, light, or both forms of energy, Resistive loads do not produce movement.