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Security & Emergency Monitoring

Explosive & Hazardous Gases Perimeter Access Control Presence of Liquids Radiation Level Monitoring The above examples are some of the applications of wireless IOT monitoring possibilities. For help with researching & implementing remote monitoring solutions to improve your business, get in touch.  



Smart Metering

The Internet of things can monitor the following variables remotely using wireless sensors. Wireless technologies such as LORA¬† provide long range low bandwidth communication of the data, back to the ‘gateway’. The gateway is the device that puts the data onto the internet cloud. Some things that Smart Metering can […]

Smart Water Monitoring

Smart Water Monitoring encompasses a number of possible solutions. Wireless IOT (Internet of Things) technology can monitor the following:- Monitoring of Potable water, such as water quality, flow rate & leak monitoring Chemical leakage detection in rivers Remote monitoring of water quality & safety in Swimming pools Pollution levels in […]

Internet of Things


Smart Environment

The ‘Smart Environment’ means the use of low power wireless sensors to detect changing variables in the environment. There are three distinct stages of a Smart Environment system, which will be considered in terms of INPUT-PROCESS-OUTPUT. The input stage is concerned with the gathering of the data source, and getting […]

Smart Cities

Things that the Internet of Things can measure around future ‘Smart Cities’ using low power wireless sensors:- Waste Management Smart Roads Smart Parking, ensuring best use of limited space. Structural Health, such as changes in length of bridge wires on a suspension bridge. Mapping Urban Noise pollution. This affects human […]


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Star-Delta Starter Adaption for The Internet Of Things

Star-Delta Starters are used to start larger ac induction motors used in industries,such as Manufacturing and Marine. Like ‘Direct Online’ (DOL) starters, which are also used for ac induction motors starting (though smaller, lower current motors), Star-Delta starters only turn the motor on and off at a single speed. (who […]

Challenge of Installing IOT Sensor Equipment in Explosion Proof Areas

Challenge of Installing IOT Sensor Equipment in Explosion Proof Areas, by Craig Miles IOT, or the Internet of Things is already changing the way that businesses function, and this is set to explode in the forthcoming years. IOT is all about improving business efficiency by collecting information (via sensors) about […]