Walkie Talkie Antenna

VHF Walkie-talkies

You may have come across the term VHF in relation to walkie talkie hire, and wondered what it means. VHF stands for Very High Frequency, and is the the frequency range between 30 Mhz (Megahertz) and 300 Mhz. Choosing between VHF & UHF (Ultra High Frequency) is important when hiring two way radio walkie talkies …

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Road Works

In a Jam about which radio communication system will suit your road works needs. Yesway offers you the ‘Green Light Solution(s)’. Buy or hire, yesway dig deep so you can too!

Local Authority Cost Cutting

We offer local Authorities a complete radio communications solution, which in these times of cost cutting can work out more cost effective than the mobile phone alternatives to communications. Contact us, and we and our multi million pound buisiness partners will show you how your Local Authority can cut your budget and save money.

Event Security

Radios for Event Security are available to hire from £7 per radio/ per week, or to buy from £170/ per radio. Let us know your requirements