details of different manufacturers two way radio products that we are able to hire and sell

Internet Of Things

South East Repeater

Do you live in the South East, and are suffering from poor performance from your radio system? A repeater may be the answer. Modern repeaters are mostly digital, but if you have had your radio system for some time, it may well be analogue. This is not a problem as […]

Star-Delta Starter Adaption for The Internet Of Things

Star-Delta Starters are used to start larger ac induction motors used in industries,such as Manufacturing and Marine. Like ‘Direct Online’ (DOL) starters, which are also used for ac induction motors starting (though smaller, lower current motors), Star-Delta starters only turn the motor on and off at a single speed. (who […]

Training Lincolnshire


Save money with Yesway Branded Batteries

Do the batteries on your handheld two-way radio work as well as they originally did? If not, they probably need replacing. Original manufacturer branded batteries, such as for the Kenwood TK3301, cost around £45 + VAT. Yesway Communications’ sell our own branded batteries for £35 + VAT for the equivalent […]

Trak Ranger GPS Tracking systems

We are proud to announce that we have become a TrakRanger dealer, and can now provide you with their excellent GPS tracking systems. For more information about the Trak-Ranger GPS system, take a look at their website, and then contact us on 01522 740818

Hytera PD405


Chinese Two-Way Radios

I believe that some of the ‘brand name’ two way radio manufacturers are worried about the chinese manufacturers.  Without mentioning the company in question, I recently read on their website, a warning about chinese built radios, namely a potential lack of european approval. This to me proves my initial statement, […]

Tait TP9135/40

P25 TRUNKED AND CONVENTIONAL PORTABLE RADIOS FOR NON-FRONTLINE USERS TP9135/TP9140 portable radios provide affordable and reliable digital communications for non-frontline users who need exceptional audio clarity without provision for all possible features or configurations. With industry-leading digital audio clarity, superb build quality and tested in a P25 Compliance Assessment Program […]

Tait TP7110

The TP7110 16-channel portable radio is a 16-channel conventional portable radio operating on UHF and VHF bands. It provides a lightweight, simple-to-use communication solution without compromising reliability. Two programmable function buttons provide fast access to commonly-used features. The two-tone and five-tone Selcall signalling allows users to send and receive group […]