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Tip for cleaning Walkie Talkie Charger connections

Tip for cleaning  Dirty Battery Charger Connections

Dirty battery charger connections can prevent the Walkie Talkie battery from charging. This article provides a secret industry tip for cleaning charger connections.

A customer in the Northern City of Hull, in the UK was having problems with his six-way multi charger.

The issue was not a fault with the charger, but due to the contacts that form the charger connections.

The problems was both on the battery and the charger battery contacts, which had becoming dirty.

Charger connections on battery

Tip for cleaning  Battery Charger connections

Over time the copper contacts on both the battery and the charger, which need to be clean, become dirty.

This is particularly an issue in harsh industrial environments, and can be a cause of the radio charger appearing to have a fault, when the radio is placed into it to charge.

A tip is to regularly clean both the copper contacts at the base of the rechargeable battery (on the back of the radio), and also lightly clean the spring contacts on the charger.

Ensure that the charger is switched off and disconnected from the mains power supply.

Then using a soft pencil eraser (rubber), gently rub the copper contacts to clean them.

This will help make electrical contact between the charger and the radio battery.

Why have the connections become dirty?

Air contaminants such as industrial dust, or corrosive atmospheres such as the marine industry, cause a build up of dirt or corrosion on the electrical contacts.

Preventative Maintenance of battery Connections

To prevent the inconvenience of your radios suffering this charging fault, regular cleaning and inspection of the battery and charger contacts is advised by Yesway.

For light manufacturing environments, once a month will normally be sufficient.

For heavy industrial and marine offshore environments, a weekly check and a quick clean is advised.

Regular cleaning will help ensure staff safety, by having radio equipment that is properly charged, and ready for potential emergency situations.

Repair of Water Damaged Mobile Phones

Dropping your mobile phone or similar device into water used to be the kiss of death for your device.

Fortunately there are a couple of ways to hopefully repair your device cheaply.

The first is the recently produced kits, such as revivaphone, which claim to repair 90% of water damaged phones.

If 15 quid is  more than you want to spend, then I am going to let you into a trade secret that I have been using for a few years to repair mobile phones and two-way radio equipment.

Electrical Switch Contact Cleaner, which can be bought for a few pounds at your local hardware shop is designed to be sprayed on electrical and electronic components.

First you ideally need to take the back off the device, so that you can see the circuit board.

Spray the circuit board liberally with the electrical contact cleaner so that it is soaked.

Leave the mobile phone in a warm place for a couple of days, with the phone at 90 degrees to the table, so the excess liquid can drain, as well as evaporate.

It would be useful to put a piece of kitchen roll underneath the phone to absorb any excess cleaner.

I have used this technique for a few years, and it has worked for me, however I offer no guarantees, and accept no liability for damage that you may incur as a result of trying this.

Craig Miles (c)2014

You’ve done what to the radio /%%$^&*(

You’ve done what to the radio!

This dreaded one way conversation between boss and employee is sadly repeated throughout the world every working day of the year.

But CHEER UP , as help is at hand in the capable form of the ‘radio pixies & elf’s’ at yesway Communications.

John Lennon once wrote, ‘there are no problems, only solutions’

We live by this ethos, and can replace the case and repair your two-way radio equipment to have it looking like new again (provided it is not beyond repair. We are good, but not miracle workers :-)

kenwood TK3201 case replacement

We can replace your broken Kenwood TK3201 case for £40.  This includes removal of your old broken TK 3201 case by our technicians, and the fitting of a brand new genuine Kenwood case.

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Taxi Radio Repairs

We can repair most makes of taxi radio repairs in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire  & UK wide.

Our engineers have over twenty years experience in taxi radio communications & electronics repair, and are City & Guilds & degree qualified.

Fixed price labour costs are £25 (inc VAT) per taxi radio (mobile, base or handheld) for units sent to us for repair. Courier to and from your business is arranged by yourselves, though we can give you a quote if you wish us to arrange it.

The fixed labour cost excludes any parts required for the repair, but we will always give you a quote before starting a repair.

The repairs must be paid for before we can send you repaired radio back, as we haven’t got the time to chase late payments.

Why not contact us with details of radios you need repairing, so we can give you an idea of cost.

If the equipment is uneconomic to repair then we can offer great deals on new or leased equipment, but we will never try to sell you something new, when your taxi radio can be cost effectively repaired.