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Narrowband Internet Of Things for lincolnshire wolds

Wireless LPWA narrowband internet of things service provider

We are in the process of implementing a state of the art digital narrowband wireless Internet of Things Network system for business and service users, which will cover the lincolnshire wolds and beyond.

The wireless narrowband system will offer encrypted secure communications for the internet of things sensors.

The narrowband network will be of interest to agricultural farmers, as well as any firm or organisation that wishes improve operational efficiency through monitoring there processes using remote wireless sensors throughout the wolds and beyond.


Initial range tests have confirmed excellent signal strength in places such as Lincoln & Grimsby, as well as around the lincolnshire wolds themselves.

Further roleout is happening across the county of Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Nationally.


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222 Mhz 1.25 meter band Ham Radio Repeaters for USA


The 222 Mhz 1.25 meter band is used by so called ‘Radio Hams’ in North America, such as the USA & Canada.

The 1.25 metre band is not available for use in the UK and the rest of Europe, as the frequencies are used by commercial DAB public radio broadcasting services (UK).

There is some second hand trunked equipment in the UK that is capable of being converted to the USA 1.25 Mhz have radio band.

This equipment sometimes turns up on ebay in the UK, but it should be made clear that it cannot be used legally for Ham (Amateur) radio in the UK & the rest of Europe.

USA Ham radio operators can of course purchase and use this equipment, so it may be worth checking the UK online auction sites for used radio equipment.

As it has limited use in the UK, it can often be purchased very cheaply, though of course you will incur increased postal costs to export from the UK to the USA or Canada.

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Long Range Event Communications

Handheld mobile radios are great for cheap reliable communications, however communication range can be an issue for some events that take place over multiple sites in Lincolnshire for instance.

Yesway of Lincolnshire  can provide trunked repeater based solutions for your event which will out perform conventional two way radio systems.

An event split between a site in Lincoln & another site in London for example could reliably communicate using handheld walkie talkies, via our national trunked repeater network.

Get in touch, and we will be happy to help in any way we can.




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County Council could potentially save money with two way radio instead of mobile phones

We believe that the county council could save money by using two way radio to replace its expensive mobile phone costs. One example is sheltered housing, where elderly people are give mobile phones to ring in to their carers on a regular basis.

Using the excellent national radio repeater network elderly people could be given a compact modern two way radio which would not have call charges and therefore could be used more regularly to confirm that they were alright.

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Manchester trunked repeater

photo of manchester

Business users in the Manchester area can have wide range business radio communications using a Manchester area repeater.

However the latest trend in two way radio offers users a cheaper alternative.

PTT over cellular combines the instant communication feature of two way radio, with the mobile phone network.

What you get is a walkie talkie, that can communicate as far as you need, without the expense of putting in expensive repeaters.

Until fairly recently the technology was not mature enough to be a serious viable alternative to traditional two way radio.

However the latest radios are now capable of fast and clear long range communications, at a low price.

We can offer businesses in Manchester a handheld radio system that not only covers the Manchester area, but can also cover the country, or even across the world.

We are keen to demonstrate this new technological development to you, and get you communicating around Manchester cheaply and instantly*

How PTT over cellular works is that you purchase the radio in a similar way to a mobile phone, in that there is also a small network charge for access to the cellular data network.

The data network which is similar to using data on your mobile phone, is accessed through a SIM card that is installed into the Walkie Talkie.

PTT over Cellular phones can also operate over WIFI networks, which is a great option for factories.

A number of manufacturers such as Entel & Hytera have now launched suitable equipment for PTT over Cellular communications.

Therefore we can tailor our recommendations to your business requirements, such as where the radios will be operated in (inside or outside etc).

*Every system has some kind of tiny delay.


Contact us for more details of how you can increase the range of your radio communications.

(01522) 740818 or (01482) 520818

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Bromsgrove Radio Repeater

Business users in Bromsgrove can communicate over wide areas including Kidderminster, Redditch & Worcester using our trunked radio repeater system.

The system is ideal for startup companies such as taxi & security firms, as the equipment can be leased for a few pounds a month on top of the fixed monthly airtime fee. If you prefer to buy your equipment then this is also possible.

Not only is the repeater system around bromsgrove suitable for long term business growth, but we can also hire out equipment for short term events such as concerts.

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Leeds Radio Repeater

Yesway can provide wide area radio repeater access to businesses using the Emley Moor repeater.

The Emley moor repeater covers a wide area. It is so good we can access it from our base on the edge of Lincoln.

Calls are covered by a fixed monthly fee, so you have no concerns as to communication costs. Radio equipment can even be leased from a few pounds a month each.

We can provide trial demo’s, so get in touch.

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Radio Repeater

Businesses who are dissatisfied with the range of their current two way radio system can take adavantage of the uk wide radio coverage available using our radio repeaters.

In conjunction with our business partners we can provide a system that is capable of covering most parts of the uk, like a mobile phone but without the nasty unexpected bills.

Get in touch, and we will show you how you can improve the way YOU get in touch with your staff.

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London Radio Repeater

If you are are based in London and want reliable radio coverage in the capital Yesway offer London radio repeaters in and around London.

The benefits for your business include cost savings compared with mobile phones; instant communications when it matters, and the opportunity to either buy or lease your radio equipment which may well suit your accountant, as it can be tax efficient to hire.

Contact Craig (the boss) direct 0n 07905 025328 or use our contact form to send an email. We will then be in touch with suitable solutions for your business needs.