Narrowband Internet Of Things for lincolnshire wolds

We are in the process of implementing a state of the art digital narrowband wireless Internet of Things Network system for business and service users, which will cover the lincolnshire wolds and beyond. The wireless narrowband system will offer encrypted secure communications for the internet of things sensors. The narrowband […]

manchester trunked repeater

Business users in the Manchester area can have wide range business radio communications using the manchester area repeater. The trunked system is available on very attractive terms, including equipment lease.   Contact us for more details of how you can increase the range of your radio communications.

Bromsgrove Radio Repeater

Business users in Bromsgrove can communicate over wide areas including Kidderminster, Redditch & Worcester using our trunked radio repeater system. The system is ideal for startup companies such as taxi & security firms, as the equipment can be leased for a few pounds a month on top of the fixed […]

Radio Repeater

Businesses who are dissatisfied with the range of their current two way radio system can take adavantage of the uk wide radio coverage available using our radio repeaters. In conjunction with our business partners we can provide a system that is capable of covering most parts of the uk, like […]