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Save money with Yesway Branded Batteries


Do the batteries on your handheld two-way radio work as well as they originally did?
If not, they probably need replacing.
Original manufacturer branded batteries, such as for the Kenwood TK3301, cost around £45 + VAT.

Yesway Communications’ sell our own branded batteries for £35 + VAT for the equivalent Kenwood battery.
Our batteries are sourced from a UK supplier, and are manufactured using battery cells from top Japanese manufacturers, such as Panasonic.

[bctt tweet=”Our batteries are sourced from a UK supplier, and are manufactured using battery cells from top Japanese manufacturers, such as Panasonic.” username=”yeswaylimited”]

If you need to replace 10 batteries, that’s a £100 pound saving, based on the above example.

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Icom IC-F25SR

The IC-F25SR two-way radio is the successor to the best selling IC-F22SR and retains the simplicity and functionality that made the original so popular. However, there have been some dramatic improvements, including a stronger construction to withstand rigorous usage. The IC-F25SR is also 5% lighter weighing only 300g.


  • Mil-specification rugged construction, strong industrial design
  • 26.5 hours of operating time with standard large capacity Li-Ion battery pack (based on 5/5/90 cycle).
  • Simple operation
  • Optional Voice scramblers are available
  • Smart ringer
  • Wide range of accessories available
  • Speaker-microphone jack – connect an optional speaker microphone or VOX headset.
  • Call ring function … allows you to send a ringer tone
  • Power save function
  • Low battery alert
  • Time-out-timer function
  • Monitor function
  • All reset function
  • TRI colour LED shows operating condition with green/red/orange colours
  • Radio-to-radio cloning capability

Standard Package Comprises:

  • Radio
  • Li-Ion Battery
  • Rapid Charger
  • Beltclip
  • User Guide
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Icom IC-4088SR

Featuring a high level of flexibility, Icom’s IC-4088SR allows instant communication between members of a group in and around buildings and over short distances. This PMR446 licence free radio makes it the perfect tool for keeping in touch with friends, family and work colleagues whilst in close proximity to them.


  • 8 Channels & 38 Group Codes
  • Splash resistant construction, equivalent to JIS Grade 4 for outdoor use
  • Built-in Vocie Scrambler
  • Economical 3 Alkaline Cells or optional Rechargeable Ni-Cd Battery Pack
  • Charge & Use at the same time with various optional extras
  • ‘Smart-ring’ & ‘Call-ring’
  • Time-out timer function
  • Compact body & Reliable performance
  • Large LCD
  • External DC Socket
  • Improved low power consumption
  • Automatic Transponder Function (ATF) – warns if other radios are out of range

Standard Package Comprises:

  • Radio
  • 3 x Rechargeable Alkaline Cells
  • Beltclip
  • User Guide
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Shop Watch in Lincoln

I was out and about in Lincoln City Centre today looking round the shops, and noticing that many of the shops in central Lincoln have Icom handheld walkie talkies behind the cash desks.

This is part of the Lincoln shop watch scheme that enables shopkeepers to share information between themselves and the police much more quickly than could be achieved, and at a lower cost than using mobile or landline telephones.

This is another area where two way radio really shines, and I am proud to work in the industry.

If you would like any advice about two way radio communications, and what it can do for your organisation then I am always glad to help.

Best Wishes



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Radios for Pan European Cycle Adventure

You have bags packed, cycle clips on & even air in your tyres.

5 4  3 2  1  & off you go from the UK to Bulgaria or what ever takes your fancy. Mile after mile of freedom to explore. The only problem is that your group of friends will soon get tired of shouting at each other when you spot something of interest, or heaven forbid, you get a puncture.

Imagine that you are tired, and at the back of your group of cycling friends, and hear the dreaded hiss of air escaping from that tyre (tire). Your friends carry on ahead blissfully unaware that you stranded at the side of the road.

You could shout, but they are too far ahead now.

You could use your mobile phone, but those international call charges and anyway they may not hear it in their pocket.


The answer my friends is two way PMR 446 two way radios from Yesway Communications.

PMR 446 is allowed in many European countries & does not need a special licence to use. The calls are free, and you can be kitted out with a headset allowing you to talk with your friends as you travel along.


Remember, your only costs are the batteries, or even the electricity to charge them, which you can get free from hostels, or even use solar chargers as you ride.

Quality durable hand held radios from Yesway Communications such as the Kenwood TK-3301T UHF PMR446 FM Transceiver  will soon pay for themselves, and unlike the cheap and nasty variety of walkie talkie available from supermarkets can be hooked up to headsets and other accessories.


Get in touch, and we will find a YES-WAY!

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Icom IC-F110S ideal for taxi companies

Icom mobile radio
Icom IC-F110

The Icom IC-F110S is an ideal radio for taxi companies to use in their vehicles for a number of reasons.

One reason is that it is a rugged well designed unit, but designed with just the features you need, at a very reasonable price of £164.29 each.

The Icom IC – F110S operates in the popular VHF frequency band, used by many taxi firms, and is also available as a base station version for the taxi controllers office.

All new Icom IC-F110S radios bought from Yesway include warranty and free programming to your Ofcom frequency.