Chinese Two-Way Radios

I believe that some of the ‘brand name’ two way radio manufacturers are worried about the chinese manufacturers.  Without mentioning the company in question, I recently read on their website, a warning about chinese built radios, namely a potential lack of european approval.

This to me proves my initial statement, and they have good reason to worry I believe.

Whilst there are a lot of poor quality equipment being produced for the lower end of the market by some chinese manufacturers, much of it is of comparable quality with the better known western manufacturers.

HYT (Hytera) for instance, which does have a presence in the UK already makes some great products, including cutting edge digital equipment, at attractive prices.

But there are many other manufacturers in China producing quality equipment, with the required european approvals that are of super quality for the pro business user. I have come across chinese manufacturers who use 80% of well known branded Japanese components in their radio equipment.

For more information in the brands we stock from China, and the attractive prices that we can offer, get in touch.

If you think I am talking rubbish, just remember what happened to the British motorcycle industry in the 1960s & 1970s from the Japanese. I believe that the Chinese will do the same to the Japanese two-way radio industry. A sort of Karma I guess!

Watch out for chinese two way radios.