Buy PMR 446 Licence free radios

PMR 446 Licence free radios

PMR 446 Licence free radios

Benefits of Licence free handheld radio

  • Licence free

  • Choice of eight channels

  • Great for short range business & private communications

  • Cheaper equipment

TTI TXL-446 (shown above) for only £59.99 each.

About PMR446 Licence Free Handheld Radios

Most of our radios require a licence from OFCOM to operate on frequncies, due to the higher power they use This is included in our hire prices for up to one year, however for some small organisations such as small schools there is a licence free alternative known as PMR 446.

PMR stands for Personal Mobile Radio, and the 446 refers to the frequency in Megahertz (Mhz) that the radios operate on. An advantage of PMR446 equipment for organisations buying their own radio equipment is that you do not have to apply to OFCOM for a £75 licence.
Disadvantages are much lower transmitter power outputs, typically 0.5 watts compared to 5 watts for licensed equipment. Also PMR446 shares a limited range of frequencies with everybody else including the neibourhood kids.
Whilst a certain amount of privacy can be obtained through the use of CTCSS tone signalling which can be set to only allow calls from people with the same setting, the frequencies are more easy to eavesdrop on by others.
The latest digital versions of PMR 446 does address some of the weaknesses of the original system, and we are always happy to advise on the most appropriate system for your situation.

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