LoraWAN Internet of Things London

Would you like to turn your factory, field, ship or city into one connected to the internet by remote low power sensors?

These sensors monitor your key variables, such as machine temperature, soil ph, induction motor current drawn.

The data is then sent to the internet, where it can be used for big data analytics, and machine decision making.

For example are you a local authority that want to control and monitor your street lights, or a farmer that wants to monitor the soil conditions of his fields?


Our process in working with you involves:

  • Meeting with you at your companies facility, to listen your objectives, or to suggest benefits that could be achieved in your industry (initial general discussion).
  • Embed ourselves at your business for a period of time to ‘get under the skin’ of your business. This allows us to analyse existing processes, and to talk with members of staff in a relaxed and informal way (which leads to better results, than conducting a formal interview).
  • After careful analysis of your operations and processes, produce a detailed report of recommendations for process improvement. These will include full costing of recommended solutions.
  • Once the recommendations (or part of) have been agreed by your management board, we will then install the equipment, and train your staff using our experienced trainers.
  • Aftercare is included


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