Louth Taxi Radio

Taxi Radio Communications in Louth, Lincolnshire


The town of Louth has a number of taxi firms that use Two Way Radio, rather than mobile phones.

The reason for them choosing to use radio, is cost and speed.

Cost, due to the fact that once a system is installed and operational, each call is free of charge.

Speed is also a consideration for taxi firms in Louth, as Two Way radio allows instant communication, at the push of a button.

Other reasons that many Louth companies use Two Way radio systems, rather than mobile phones are poor rural phone coverage in the Lincolnshire countryside surrounding Louth. Also the law covering the use of Mobile Phone use while driving does not apply to using a two way radio, Therefore you can use Two Way Radio whilst driving.


Choice of Frequency Band

Although Mid & High Band VHF are the most popular frequency bands for taxi firms in Louth & nationwide, Low Band is used.

Low Band in terms of business radio in the UK is between 68 -87.5 Mhz, and can easily be identified on taxi vehicles using it, by the longer antennas. These are typically about a metre long.

If you are operating mainly out in the Lincolnshire countryside surrounding Louth, then Low band can give you a range boost compared to the more popular VHF Mid & High Band frequencies.

However with Louth being near the eastern English coast, Low band can suffer interference and high noise levels during certain atmospheric conditions. During these times, strong foreign broadcast station signals that operate on the frequency may interfere on Low Band.

Another potential downside to using Low Band in the Louth area for your taxi or other business is equipment choice.

There are now only two major brands available in the UK, that manufacture Low band business radio.

The two brands are the UK designed Entel , and the New Zealand manufacture Tait.

Entel only produce handheld radios, so therefore are of limited use to firms such as taxi companies that need vehicle mobile radios.

Tait do produce both handheld and mobile radios, and therefore could be used by the taxi industry based in Louth.



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