Electrical Training Courses Launched

Electrical Training – Following the announcement that a lockdown was being imposed, and that the events industry was closing down, meant some thinking was required.

Our founder originally started yesway as a part time business, back in 2010.

His other job was as a lecturer in electrical engineering, and electronics.

Therefore Yesway Communications’ has within it, a wealth of high quality subject knowledge in electrical engineering, as well as RF (Radio Frequency) engineering.

Our experience in training company employees in electrical engineering, is extensive.

Our trainer has trained people from around the world, including:-

Trainee Marine electro-technical officers, from a Nigerian marine shipping company.

Up-skilling members of the boat section, from the UK Government’s Border Force, in electrical systems.

Training engineers from Cruise ship companies, in practical electrical maintenance of marine systems.

Teaching HNC courses in Industrial Automation electronics (PLC), to factory maintenance personnel.

Training electricians in level 3 vocational qualifications.

Practical workshop training with NHS estates maintenance trainees.

Our newly introduced electrical maintenance courses, include the following:

Using a Digital Multimeter

Lighting Circuits

Variable Speed Drive Operation

Star delta Starter

Three Phase Induction Motor Maintenance

Three Phase Induction Motor Phasing Out

AC Generator Maintenance

Three Phase Transformer Phasing Out

Direct On Line Starter Operation and Maintenance

Over Current Relay Testing

Three Phase Generator Fault Finding

Care and Maintenance of Lead Acid Batteries

Star Delta Starter Fault Finding

Three Phase Transformer Connections and Testing

Circuit Breaker Maintenance and Testing

Three Phase Induction Motor Fault Finding

Three Phase Starter Fault Finding

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