Yesway’s Electrical Safety Awareness Training Course is designed for individuals working with electrical equipment, whether they lack electrical qualifications or simply need a refresher on electrical hazards and safe practices.

Our courses are flexible and can be conducted on-site at your location within the UK and Ireland.

The sample course provided can be tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring relevance to your industry and work activities.

The duration of the course is one day, approximately 7 hours, making it convenient for busy professionals.

The course is suitable for anyone performing electrical tasks, ranging from simple to complex, emphasizing a comprehensive understanding of electrical dangers and safe working methods.

Course Overview:

  • Duration: One Day (approx 7 hours), based on 9AM- 4:30PM, with 30 minute lunch break.
  • Participants: Suitable for individuals involved in various electrical tasks, ensuring a thorough awareness of electrical hazards and safe practices.

Key Features:

  • Customisation: The course content will be tailored to your specific requirements, addressing the unique activities relevant to your industry.
  • Assessment: Participants will undergo assessment upon completion to ensure a thorough understanding of the material.
  • Certification: Successful participants will receive a ‘Successful Completion’ certificate, providing a valuable asset for health and safety compliance.

Course Content:

  • Basic Electrical Principles, such as electrical transmission, AC & DC, Three-Phase & Single-Phase Supplies.
  • The Dangers of Electricity, both generally in the workplace, and tailored to your particular industry.
  • Safe Working Practices (Isolation and Live Working)
  • Protection from Electric Shock, and potential risk factors in the workplace.
  • Excess Current Protection, including devices, reasons for, and effects of excess current.
  • The Importance of Safe and Secure Electrical Connections, and why they can become dangerous.
  • Electricity at Work Regulations 1989
  • Inspecting and Checking Electrical Equipment for Safety, both in terms of ordinary employee responsibilities under Health & Safety Legislation, and broader company responsibilities.

Our Electrical Safety Awareness Training Course aims to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to work safely with electrical equipment, promoting a secure and compliant work environment.

A test will be carried out at the end of the course, and 80% passmark is required , to pass. Don’t worry though, as we will use our skills and experience throughout the day, to ensure you understand everything we teach. This will give you the confidence to pass. In the unlikely event that you don’t pass, we will provide ongoing help, to support you, to pass the retest.