GPS Tracking

trakrangerWe are dealers for the excellent TrakRanger system, allowing real time tracking and historical movement data of your vehicle fleet and workers.

TrakRanger uses a combination of GPS location, messaging and telemetry, and is designed to be easy to operate.

The system can be installed to use a cloud based system, meaning that you can log onto any internet connected computer to track your employees.

A smart phone app is even available, so that you can monitor on a phone.

trak ranger

Trak Ranger and hytera dmr digital

  • GPS location tracking
  • Text messaging
  • Stun/revive
  • Radio check
  • Location polling
  • On site installation, or cloud based (no need to involve IT department to install software, popular with local authorities)
  • Suitable for one to¬† thousands of radios
  • can be networked for unlimited operators
  • Web based application, avoids software installs
  • Includes world wide mapping (limited by radio system coverage)

Call: (01522) 740818 or (01482) 520818


gps tracking

gps tracking from Trak Ranger