Hytera PD785 handheld

hytera pd785 handheld

Hytera PD785

The Hytera PD785 from Hytera looks nice, in comparison to some other brands. Click To Tweet

The Hytera PD785 from Hytera looks nice, in comparison to some other brands. Hytera themselves describe it as having Ergonomic Design.

The Hytera PD785 has a large colour display for displaying information, such as messages and channel settings.

A feature of the display is that it allows good visibility even under extremely bright light levels.

The Hytera PD785 features globally patented industrial design, and a centrally mounted antenna.

Having the antenna mounted centrally, rather than the usual side mount of other manufacturers allows convenient operation.

Hytera also claim that it ofers ‘remarkable GPS performance’.

The Hytera PD785 & 785G meet the quality & toughness standards of MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F and IP67 standards.

MIL-STD is short for Military Standard, so you know it is tough.

IP67 refers to the radios ingress protection. What this means is how well the radio can withstand dust and moisture.

IP67 means that it can withstand dusty environments, and be dropped in shallow water, and still work afterwards.


Dual Modes (Analog+Digital)

PD785/785G can operate in either analog or digital mode. It is compatible with the prevalent analog system, ensuring a smooth analog-to-digital transition.

Versatile Voice Calls

Intelligent signaling of PD785/785G supports various voice call types, including Private Call, Group Call and All Call.


This feature is helpful in alerting you to reception of any voice or message under noisy or low-volume conditions.


PD785G supports viewing of GPS positioning information and sending of GPS text message.

IP Service*

PD785/785G allows multiple IP functions if connected with a PC via IP address.

Various Analog Signaling Types

PD785/785G supports various analog signaling types (HDC1200, DTMF*, 2-Tone* and 5-Tone*), providing higher function expansion capacity.

Multiple Languages

PD785/785G supports 10 languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German*, Spanish*, French*, Italian*, Polish*, Russian* and Turkish*), allowing you to select as per your needs.

Software Upgradable

With this capability, you can enjoy further features without buying a new machine. * indicates functions available in later version.


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