Wireless Narrowband

Imagine your city or business monitoring all the key processes, and sending data to the web, where it can be analysed, and even make ‘Smart’ decisions and carry out actions.

Imagine knowing which car parking spaces are empty; the soil conditions of your fields; the quality of your water; the air quality of your city.

Then imagine automatically collecting the data via smart sensors that send the data to the web. Keep imagining the potential, then call Yesway Limited to create the reality for your organisation.

Wireless Narrowband networks allow sensors to be connected to the internet. There are a few standards that have been produced, such as Sigfox and also LoraWAN.

We are experts in narrowband wireless communications, that power the internet of things.

Contact us for a demo of our sensor technologies, or with details of what you want to monitor. We can help growth minded companies to achieve competitive advantage, though improved efficiency and smart automated management, based on sensor inputs.

(01522) 740818 or (01482) 520818

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