Equipment Re-Engineering

Internet of Things Consultants

Creating a More Efficient Business

Our Internet of Things Consultants create a more efficient business for you, by designing a wireless system that connects your business to the Internet of Things.

Designing and re-engineering existing infrastructure such as factories and shipping for the connected world of the Internet of Things  can be confusing at present, with seemingly many solutions and technologies around.

For example the way your sensors connect wirelessly to the internet can be done using technologies such as LoraWAN, Sigfox or Weightless. There is also narrowband options over cellular networks.

Our internet of things consultants  approach is to work with you to find out what you want to achieve in terms of making your business more efficient, and profitable.

The technology considerations are important, but secondary to your business adapting for the future connected world, known as the ‘Internet of Things’.

  • Consultancy and help with the Internet of Things
  • Re-Engineering existing products and industry infrastructure
  • Product Design Incorporating the Internet of Things
  • Implementation of practical solutions to improve your business
  • Installation of Internet of Things enabled Infrastructure.