Lincoln Two-Way Radio Hire

Lincoln Walkie Talkie Rental

    Hytera radios offer Lincolnshire event organisers, rugged two-way radio hire performance, including the ability to get wet and dusty.

    For festival hire near Lincoln, we would recommend a radio such as the Hytera PD705.

    The PD705 is a modern digital radio, which uses the more popular DMR digital standard. This gives you clear reliable audio, that won’t crackle and break up, like the old analog radios.

    The radios can be programmed by ourselves to enable a number of features, depending on your needs.

    For example, you may wish to have a number of separate communication channels, so that you can separate out the different event functions. Examples might include car park attendants having their own channel; and other channels for security etc.

    We work closely with you to establish and identify your needs. This way event safety and efficiency can be maximised.

    Give us a call (01522) 740818 or (01482) 520818

    For more information on planning a successful event,  click here.

    PTT Over Cellular, also known as POC Radio.

    PTT over cellular is a great solution for Lincolnshire events that cover a wide geographical area. An example is a long-distance sports event, such as a cycling road race, or running marathon.

    PTT Over Cellular, uses the mobile phone network, to distribute the signal between the radios.

    The advantage of POC compared with mobile phones, is that you get instant communication, at the press of a button.

    This instant communication ability is critical in an emergency situation, where seconds wasted, can mean the difference between life and death.

    Talk through base hire

    Hire an Icom SRP Talkthrough base station repeater for £60 per month. The Icom SRP is perfect for taxi users and comfortably fits on your office desk.

    The talk-through base receives and re-transmits your worker’s mobile & handheld radio transmissions, therefore boosting communications range.

    The Icom SRP talk-through repeater base also can have a microphone plugged into it, so that you can use it as a normal base station, to communicate with your staff when needed.

    The cost for long-term hire (over 6 months) is £60 a month.

    For short-term hire, contact us for a quote.

    (01522) 740818

    (01482) 520818

    Base Station Hire

    • Base Station hire: £295.26+ VAT
    • The price includes temporary aerial erection.
    • Price includes installation at the temporary site (Lincolnshire & East Yorkshire areas)
    • Price Includes onsite staff training if necessary (up to 1 hour)
    • Handheld radio units to use with base station available for £10 per unit + VAT

    We are able to hire base station two-way radio for your event. Base station radios are typically used to control the event staff who have handheld walkie-talkie radios.

    Base station radios come with mains power supplies, and can feature optional battery backup which ensures continuous communications in the event of mains power disruption.

    Site range coverage testing is carried out prior to your event to ensure that effective communications sitewide during your event. Base station aerials (antennas) are erected, and equipment is installed. This means that you have a worry-free communications system for your event.

    * equipment supplied may vary from the radio shown in the image, though will be of equivalent quality.

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