Marine Radio

The marine shipping industry covers not just commercial marine operations.

There is also a huge private sector, including private yachts, superyachts, and even inland craft such as canal boats.

Different marine environments require different radio solutions.

For example commercial marine firefighters are required to use solas approved radios  

Whereas the radio requirements for stewards aboard a private superyacht will be different.

In the case of stewards on superyachts, they need a smart, but discrete solution, that will not impact the experience of the guests and superyacht owner.

For superyachts, image and style is very important.

Marine Battery rooms can be potentially explosive areas, due to gases emitted from batteries being charged.

It is essential that  ATEX Intrinsically safe radios are used in potentially explosive areas.

Intrinsically safe radios are designed so that there is no change of a spark being emitted from the radio electronics.

This is achieved through special design of the radio casing.

Intrinsically safe radios cost more than the standard versions of a radio, but are essential safety equipment.

Marine Electrical

We also offer marine electrical services, to complement our radio expertise.

We worked formerly at the world renowned South Shields Marine School, training Electro Technical Officers (ETO), and other marine industry employees.

The training was ‘hands on’ using real ships generators and equipment, in a practical workshop environment.

All aspects of marine electrical and electronics systems can be worked on, by our experienced team.

Marine Prime Mover

MCA AEC (Approved Engine Course) qualified employees at Yesway provide further reassurance to the marine industry.

As you can see, we have the skills, and plenty of experience, over 30 years in fact.

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