Our Technical Approach to Radio Communications and Company Values.

Our Approach and Company Values:

Yesway Communications’ is a business with a mission.

Our mission and purpose is to improve your business efficiency and communications reliability.

We do this by using the skills and mindset, learned by our founder who previously worked in the Space Satellite Communications Sector.

We apply these Aerospace sector skills of potential system failure analysis, and considering system redundancy (backup), to design & install reliable radio communication systems.

We also aim to do business in a way that is aligned with the values of working ethically and trying to improve the world, for all its people.

Our belief is that radio communications can play an important role in allowing all world citizens to maximize their individual potential.

An example of this is using wireless communications technology to provide education connectivity, in remote geographies, thus allowing access to education.

If you share these values of equality for all humans and aren’t a racist or xenophobe, then we would love to connect (no pun intended :-)