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Analogue Handheld Two Way Radios

Analogue handheld radios can be more cost effective than the newer advanced digital models.

Although some manufacturers such as Motorola Solutions, have stopped producing analogue handheld radios in their professional range, there are still many professional analogue users.

With analogue, the signal will tend to break up when on the fringes of the coverage area.

By contrast, digital radios either work, or they don’t, when on the edge of the coverage range area.

Analogue radios start at roughly £100 each for a decent one.

There are of course much cheaper ones for sale on ebay etc, but they are often not properly certified for use in this country.

An example we have seen is with kenwood handhelds that were designed for the Indian market, being sold in the UK.

They operated at a frequency that is reserved for the military in the UK.

Therefore to use them would be highly illegal, yet we know of a company that had bought some, thinking they would save money.

Why not get in touch for a chat, and we can help you with analogue two-way radio.

If you have an existing analogue system, then we can help integrate your radios with the latest digital radios, or sell you an analogue only radio.

An example of a digital radio that can also work as an analogue radio, is the Hytera PD405.

The PD405 is a great solution to allow you to gradually swap over from your existing analogue system over time.

This is possible, by running the PD405 in analogue mode, so that it can communicate with your existing radios.

Eventually once all of your analogue only radios have been replaced, then you can switch the radios to digital mode.

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