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Digital Mobile Two-Way Radio equipment from manufacturers such as Hytera & Motorola.

Digital two way radio systems offer a number of advantages over analogue systems.

One such advantage is better use of the radio frequency spectrum.

When you buy a licence from Ofcom (in the UK) to be able to operate a licenced two-way radio system, they allocate a frequency, or frequencies.

In large cities such as London or Birmingham, the cost of the licences can be high.

This is because of basic supply and demand factors, namely that frequency space is in high demand.

Digital DMR radio systems make better efficient use of the allocated space.

For example the standard frequency channel allocation is 12.5 Khz (Kilo Hertz in the UK.

This means that the space the channel takes up is 12.5 Khz wide.

A digital DMR system can ‘fit’ two separate channels ( each 6.25 kHz wide) into the same space, therefore giving you twice the capacity for the same licence price.

DMR digital mobile radio also gives increased range at the coverage fringes, and greater call clarity, compared with traditional analogue radio technologies.

There are two main standards for commercial digital two way radio.

These two standards are called ‘DMR’, and ‘dPMR’.

DMR has emerged as the more popular system with more manufacturers adopting it, however it is not necessarily better than dPMR.

The main consideration when choosing a digital radio system, is will it provide the business solution you require.

We encourage you to get in touch, and arrange a meeting.


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