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Marine Radio Communications

Marine radio communications includes inland waterways as well as seagoing ships.

Different types of craft, require different types of radio.

For instance firefighters on board ships may need solas approved radios, whereas ATEX intrinsically safe radios may be needed for ships battery rooms.

This is because ships battery rooms carry the potential risk of explosion, due to the gases emitted by charging batteries.

Where the radios are going to be used is also important.

For seagoing ships and the offshore Industry, you might require a radio with a high Ingress protection (IP Rating).

This will keep out water and the corrosive marine environment, from the radios delicate internal circuits.

Stewards on a Superyacht won’t need such a heavy duty radio.

What they require is a discreet reliable radio.

Superyacht ‘front of house’ staff, also need a radio with an attractive visual appearance, that blends in with their smart uniforms.

For expert help with individual requirements for your marine radio communications , get in contact.

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