Introducing the Hytera HR655: Rugged, Powerful, and Flexible DMR Repeater

Hytera HR 655 Portable repeater

The Hytera HR655 is the epitome of versatility and reliability, designed to provide seamless communication in any situation.

As a rugged and powerful DMR repeater, it offers unmatched flexibility, serving as both a fixed unit and a portable device.

Unleash the Power of Connectivity: With the HR655, connecting radio users has never been easier.

    Whether it’s mounted to a wall and powered by a mains supply or carried in a backpack powered by its integrated 12.5Ah battery, this repeater offers unparalleled flexibility to meet your communication needs.

    Adaptability at its Best: Designed for ultimate portability, the HR655 can be carried using a bespoke backpack accessory, allowing you to take it wherever your work takes you. Experience the freedom to communicate on the go without compromising on performance.

    Built to Withstand the Elements: The HR655 features a rugged build with an IP54 or IP67 rating, ensuring it can withstand demanding environments. No matter the conditions, this repeater is built to keep you connected, providing reliable communication when you need it most.

    Seamless Transition: Operating in dynamic mixed mode, the HR655 seamlessly switches between analogue and digital communication based on the call type it receives. This intelligent functionality allows for compatibility with various systems and ensures a smooth communication experience.

    Power that Lasts: Equipped with an integrated 12.5Ah battery, the HR655 can power the unit for up to 9 hours, providing extended operation time without the need for constant recharging. Stay connected throughout your workday with confidence.

    portable radio repeater
    Portable Hytera Repeater HR655

    Elevate Your Communication: Experience the power of the Hytera HR655, a rugged, powerful, and flexible DMR repeater that adapts to your communication needs. Enhance productivity, reliability, and connectivity like never before.

    Discover more about the Hytera HR655 and unlock the full potential of seamless communication. Revolutionize your communication experience with the HR655, the ultimate choice for professionals who demand ruggedness, flexibility, and reliability.