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About Us

Set sail into a world of connectivity with Yesway Communications, Global Satellite and Marine Broadband Provider. Our commitment to seamless communication extends beyond borders, ensuring that you stay connected both on land and at sea.

Our Mission

Navigate the waves of the digital era with us. Our mission is to connect the world through cutting-edge satellite communications technology, providing reliable and innovative connectivity solutions, whether you’re on solid ground or sailing the open seas.

Why Choose Yesway?

1. Global Reach: We cast our communication net across every corner of the globe, ensuring you stay connected wherever your journey takes you, be it on land or navigating the vast oceans.

2. Reliability: Our state-of-the-art satellite infrastructure guarantees uninterrupted communication, even in the most remote and challenging marine environments.

3. Innovation: Yesway pioneers technological advancements in both satellite communications and marine broadband. We invest time to bring you the latest and most efficient solutions for both land and marine connectivity.

4. Security: Your data is secure with us. Robust security measures are integrated into our systems to safeguard your information, whether you’re on the shore or sailing the high seas.


1. Satellite Internet Services:

2. Voice and Data Solutions:

  • Crystal-clear voice communication, whether you’re in a boardroom or on a boat.
  • Fast and reliable data transmission for all your business and marine needs.

3. IoT Connectivity:

  • Enable seamless communication for your Internet of Things (IoT) devices, whether they’re on land or aboard your vessel.
  • Monitor and control your assets from anywhere in the world.

4. Marine Satellite Broadband:

  • Tailored broadband solutions for maritime applications.
  • Stay connected at sea with high-speed internet for vessels of all sizes.

5. Enterprise Solutions:

  • Scalable communication solutions tailored for businesses, both onshore and offshore.


Yesway Communications is committed to minimizing our environmental impact, both on land and at sea. We embrace eco-friendly practices in our operations and continually explore ways to reduce our carbon footprint in the marine environment.

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Ready to experience the power of global satellite and marine broadband communications? Set sail with us today:

Yesway Communications Headquarters: BG Futures Business & Enterprise Centre, Lincoln, UK, LN1 3DY.

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