Welcome to the Era of Maritime Broadband: Navigating the Seas of Seamless Connectivity

In the ever-evolving landscape of maritime communication, the advent of maritime broadband has ushered in a new era of connectivity at sea. Gone are the days of sluggish and unreliable connections; now, vessels of all sizes can harness the power of high-speed data transmission to navigate the vast oceans with unprecedented ease.

Maritime broadband encompasses a suite of advanced communication solutions designed to meet the unique demands of the maritime industry. Whether it’s offshore support vessels, global cruise ships, superyachts, or commercial fleets, maritime broadband ensures that reliable and high-performance connectivity is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

This transformative technology empowers maritime operations with real-time data exchange, video conferencing, weather updates, navigation assistance, and seamless access to mission-critical applications. Vessels can stay connected to the shore, optimize operational efficiency, and enhance the overall safety and well-being of crew members.

From cutting-edge VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) systems to advanced satellite networks like Inmarsat Global Xpress®, maritime broadband solutions are tailored to provide robust and uninterrupted connectivity even in the most remote and challenging maritime environments.

Join us as we embark on a journey through the seas of maritime broadband, exploring the technologies that enable vessels to stay connected, communicate effortlessly, and embrace the full potential of the digital age while navigating the vast and dynamic maritime landscape. Welcome aboard the future of maritime connectivity—welcome to maritime broadband.

SkyLink 6100 by Blue Sky Network

Introducing SkyLink 6100 by Blue Sky Network: Your Ultimate Maritime Connectivity Solution

SkyLink 6100, brought to you by Blue Sky Network, redefines maritime communication with its cutting-edge dual-mode satellite and cellular connectivity. This versatile communications terminal is designed to support voice, data, telemetry, and monitoring operations anywhere in the world. Discover the power of Iridium Certus® 100 midband service, offering speeds of up to 22Kbps up and 88Kbps down, along with 2 High-Quality voice lines—all in a cost-effective package.

Key Features:

1. Global Connectivity with Iridium Certus® 100:

Enjoy truly global coverage with the SkyLink 6100, powered by Iridium Certus® 100 midband service. Seamlessly connect to high-speed data, ensuring efficient communication for your maritime operations.

2. Dual-Mode Flexibility:

Choose the variant that suits your operational needs—direct mount Maruwa antenna or external fixed mount SCAN antenna. SkyLink 6100’s dual-mode capabilities effortlessly transition between satellite and cellular networks, providing complete coverage, operational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

3. Operational Efficiency and Safety:

As a certified Iridium Connected® product, SkyLink 6100 is engineered for operational efficiency, safety, and continuous coverage. Its lightweight, compact design allows for easy installation on both manned and unmanned vessels.

4. Real-time Communication and Telematics:

Transform SkyLink 6100 into a real-time communication and telematics platform for mission-critical updates to and from vessels and offshore sites. Stay connected and informed with this reliable and efficient device.

Why Choose SkyLink 6100?

  • Versatile Connectivity: SkyLink 6100 seamlessly combines satellite and cellular connectivity, providing a versatile solution for all your maritime communication needs.
  • Global Coverage: With Iridium Certus® 100, experience truly global coverage, ensuring connectivity no matter where your vessels navigate.
  • Operational Flexibility: Tailor the device to your operational requirements with two variant options and enjoy the flexibility of dual-mode capabilities.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: SkyLink 6100 offers a cost-effective communication terminal without compromising on speed, reliability, or quality.

Upgrade your maritime communication strategy with SkyLink 6100—a reliable, efficient, and globally-connected solution designed to meet the demands of modern maritime operations. Experience the future of maritime connectivity with Blue Sky Network.

SAILOR 4300 L-band: Cobham’s Premier Iridium Certus® Connected Terminal

Introducing the SAILOR 4300 L-band: Cobham’s Premier Iridium Certus® Connected Terminal

The SAILOR 4300 L-band stands at the forefront of Cobham’s Iridium Certus® connected range, setting new standards for maritime communication terminals. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your vessel’s communication capabilities or seeking a reliable backup solution for your existing VSAT system, the SAILOR 4300 L-band is the perfect choice.

Key Features:

1. Iridium Certus® Connectivity:

As the inaugural terminal in Cobham’s Iridium Certus® connected range, the SAILOR 4300 L-band delivers high-performance connectivity. Leveraging Iridium NEXT, it offers fast internet speeds suitable for both data-heavy applications and everyday usage.

2. Cost-Effective and Dependable:

Minimize your total cost of ownership with the SAILOR 4300 L-band. Benefit from low hardware costs, no scheduled service requirements, and full support through Cobham SATCOM’s Global Service Network. It’s a cost-effective solution without compromising on performance.

3. Quality Craftsmanship:

Built with SAILOR quality, the 4300 L-band features multiple satellite tracking with no moving parts. Enjoy easy configuration via web and a built-in API for seamless 3rd party integration. The single cable (ADU/BDU – 75m coax) ensures easy installation for hassle-free setup.

4. Versatile Configuration:

Choose the configuration that suits your vessel’s needs. The SAILOR 4300 L-band is available in both bulkhead and 19” rackmount configurations. With 3 voice lines and impressive 704/176 data speeds, it caters to a wide range of communication requirements.

Exclusive Iridium Certus® Package:

Explore our exclusive Iridium Certus® package, designed to provide exceptional value for users seeking dependable global connectivity without the constraints of upfront capital investment. It’s a comprehensive solution that ensures you stay connected seamlessly and affordably.

Upgrade your vessel’s communication capabilities with the SAILOR 4300 L-band, the epitome of Iridium Certus® connectivity. Experience the future of maritime communication with Cobham’s cutting-edge terminal—where reliability meets high performance.


Experience Connectivity Mastery with INTEGRA Edge: Your All-in-One Solution for Seamless Network Management

INTEGRA Edge transforms the way you manage connectivity on your vessel, offering an intuitive dashboard that instantly displays all available options—be it satellite or cellular. Gain real-time insights into signal strength, usage, and device connectivity, empowering you to make informed decisions for efficient network utilization.

Key Features:

1. Unified Connectivity Dashboard:

Access a clear and intuitive dashboard on INTEGRA Edge, presenting all connectivity options in one view. Monitor current availability, signal strength, and usage for both satellite and cellular networks, ensuring you stay connected with ease.

2. Real-time Vessel Traffic Monitoring:

Stay in control with real-time monitoring of vessel traffic. Identify connected users and devices, along with their respective traffic levels. INTEGRA Edge empowers you to make data-driven decisions for optimized network performance.

3. Seamless Connectivity Switching:

Switch effortlessly between available connectivity options directly from the dashboard or the hardware’s information panel. Benefit from priority-based failover, automated or manual intervention, and configurable timed and duration-based failover for a seamless connectivity experience.

4. Robust Network Security:

Enhance network security with INTEGRA Edge’s integrated firewall, web and content filtering. Safeguard your network with onboard anti-virus controls and manage crew internet access securely through a captive portal. Easily block individual devices and users with a single click.

5. Cost-Efficient Data Management:

Optimize your data usage and make immediate savings with INTEGRA Edge. Utilize least-cost routing by switching between satellite and cellular options based on your preferences. Set up standard failover sequences and intervene manually if required. Block unwanted traffic to and from the vessel and manage data efficiently.

Additional Features:

  • Virtual LANs for enhanced network segmentation
  • Web surfing with compression and acceleration for improved browsing experience
  • Advanced content filtering with white and blacklisting of downloaded files
  • Real-time traffic reporting and analysis for informed decision-making
  • IoT gateway-ready and compatible for future-proof connectivity
  • Vessel positioning using onboard NMEA feeds or integrated GPS receiver
  • Authentication and access control with hierarchical levels and auditing
  • Seamlessly integrated with the INTEGRA network and My AST Portal for remote management
  • Local backup and restore of data and configuration settings
  • Over-the-air (OTA) updates for continuous improvement
  • System rebuild capability in the event of a failure
  • Comprehensive hardware information panel for easy management

INTEGRA Edge redefines connectivity management, providing you with unparalleled control, security, and efficiency. Elevate your vessel’s network capabilities with this all-encompassing solution that puts you in command of your connectivity landscape.

Intellian C700

The Intellian C700 is the latest terminal for use with the fully global Iridium Certus service.

The C700 delivers out-of-the-box downlink speeds up to 704 Kbps and uplink speeds up to 352 Kbps, with low-elevation-angle RF efficiency thanks to its unique 12-patch phased array antenna technology. It will support three high-quality, low-latency phone lines simultaneously; and as a solid-state antenna with no moving parts inside, the C700 is especially robust, requiring no scheduled maintenance over its lifetime (minimum 10-year operational lifetime).

The Intellian C700 Iridium Certus Maritime Terminal utilises the Iridium satellite network.

Key features include:

  • Three high-quality voice lines with Soft PBX function
  • 4-Port Ethernet (LAN) PoE and WAN
  • Connection up to 16 SIP phones
  • Rackmount version available
  • Powerful 12 Element Patch Phased-Array Antenna
  • Enhanced low elevation angle antenna performance guarantees the most reliable and high throughput in rough seas and high latitudes
  • Single Coaxial Cable Antenna Connection
  • Easy installation and simple configuration
  • 3-Year Global Warranty – Parts and Labour
  • Designed for the minimum 10-year operational lifetime
  • GMDSS Ready
  • Cyber Security Enhanced – Built-in Firewall and User Threat Management

See our exclusive Iridium Certus® package which provides outstanding value for users who require dependable global connectivity without the constraint of upfront capital investment.

Intellian C700 Winterized Maritime Terminal

Introducing the Intellian C700 Winterized Maritime Terminal: Unmatched Performance in Extreme Cold

The Intellian C700 Winterized Maritime Terminal is crafted to thrive in the harshest cold environments while delivering the exceptional performance synonymous with its counterpart, the C700 Maritime terminal. Engineered to endure extreme low temperatures, this terminal harnesses the power of the fully global Iridium Certus service, making it an ideal choice for operations in polar regions and other frigid climates.

Key Features:

1. Extreme Cold Resilience:

Designed to withstand extreme low temperatures, the C700 Winterized Maritime Terminal ensures reliable performance in polar regions and other cold environments. Its robust construction, combined with a built-in heater, allows operation down to a certified temperature of -50?.

2. Iridium Certus® Global Connectivity:

Leveraging the Iridium Certus service, the terminal provides seamless global connectivity. Stay connected in the most remote and challenging weather conditions, thanks to its ability to operate in harsh weather environments.

3. Impressive Speeds:

Experience high-speed connectivity with uplink speeds up to 352 Kbps and downlink speeds up to 704 Kbps. The C700 Winterized Terminal utilizes a unique 12-patch phased array antenna technology, ensuring low-elevation-angle RF efficiency for optimal performance.

4. Three Simultaneous Voice Lines:

Enjoy the convenience of three high-quality, low-latency phone lines simultaneously. The Soft PBX function enhances voice communication capabilities, ensuring clear and reliable communication in demanding maritime environments.

5. Robust and Maintenance-Free:

Built with a solid-state antenna featuring no moving parts, the C700 Winterized Terminal is exceptionally robust and requires no scheduled maintenance over its minimum 10-year operational lifetime. This ensures long-term reliability and operational efficiency.

6. Enhanced Antenna Performance:

The powerful 12-element patch phased-array antenna guarantees enhanced low elevation angle performance. This feature ensures the most reliable and high throughput connectivity, even in rough seas and high latitudes.

7. Comprehensive Connectivity:

The terminal supports a range of connectivity options, including 4-port Ethernet (LAN) PoE and WAN. Connect up to 16 SIP phones, providing versatile communication solutions for maritime operations.

8. Easy Installation and Configuration:

With a single coaxial cable antenna connection and an additional power cable for the heater device, installation is easy and hassle-free. The terminal’s simple configuration further enhances user convenience.

9. GMDSS Ready and Built-in Firewall:

Ensuring compliance and safety, the C700 Winterized Terminal is GMDSS ready. Additionally, it features a built-in firewall for enhanced security, providing peace of mind in maritime communications.

Exclusive Iridium Certus® Package:

Explore our exclusive Iridium Certus® package, offering exceptional value for users seeking reliable global connectivity without the burden of upfront capital investment. It’s a comprehensive solution that ensures you stay connected seamlessly and affordably.

Elevate your maritime communication capabilities with the Intellian C700 Winterized Maritime Terminal—a technological marvel designed for extreme cold resilience and uncompromised performance in the world’s most challenging environments.


Introducing the GX60NX: Unleash the Power of High-Speed Ka-band Services

The GX60NX redefines satellite communication with its cutting-edge 2.5GHz wideband Ka tuned Radome & Reflector, delivering high-speed Ka-band services across the entire spectrum used by the latest commercial satellites. With seamless integration and upgradability, the GX60NX stands as a versatile solution for enhanced throughput and performance.

Key Features:

1. Wideband Ka Tuned Radome & Reflector:

Experience the full potential of high-speed Ka-band services with the GX60NX’s 2.5GHz wideband Ka tuned Radome & Reflector. Covering the complete Ka-band range utilized by the latest commercial satellites, this terminal ensures optimal performance for your communication needs.

2. Upgradeable with 10W High Power BUC:

Elevate your throughput capabilities effortlessly. The GX60NX can be easily upgraded with the 10W High Power Block Upconverter (BUC). No need to replace the Block Downconverter and no additional components required—simply upgrade to enjoy higher throughput services.

3. Integrated GX BDT:

The all-new GX BDT (Below Deck Terminal) revolutionizes installation and integration. Combining the Antenna Control Unit (ACU), GX modem, power supply, 4-port switch, and GX Mediator into a single 1U 19” rack size unit, the GX BDT streamlines installation in an FX rack, reducing both time and cost.

4. Simplified Connectivity:

Say goodbye to complex cabling. The GX60NX seamlessly integrates RF and power signals into one standard coaxial cable. This cable efficiently carries Transmit (Tx), Receive (Rx), DC power, data, and reference signals between the antenna and the BDT, simplifying the overall connectivity architecture.

Upgrade to Higher Throughput with Ease:

Upgrade your GX60NX effortlessly by integrating the 10W High Power BUC. This straightforward process ensures that you can enjoy higher throughput services without the need for extensive replacements or additional components.

Unparalleled Integration:

The GX BDT’s consolidated design optimizes space and resources by combining essential components into a single unit. This 1U 19” rack size unit is easy to install, ensuring a seamless integration process for your communication setup.

Enhanced Connectivity Architecture:

The integration of RF and power signals into a standard coaxial cable simplifies the connectivity architecture. Transmit, Receive, DC power, data, and reference signals flow seamlessly between the antenna and the BDT through a single cable, reducing complexity and enhancing efficiency.

Experience the future of satellite communication with the GX60NX—a versatile, upgradeable, and integrated solution that unlocks the full potential of high-speed Ka-band services. Elevate your connectivity experience with this advanced terminal designed for optimal performance and ease of use.

Intellian v60G

Empower Your Connectivity with the Intellian v60G: Unprecedented Features for Effortless Communication

The Intellian v60G sets a new standard in satellite communication, introducing groundbreaking features that redefine ease of use, accessibility, and reliability. From gyro-free satellite search capabilities to wireless connectivity and simplified installation, the v60G is engineered to deliver unparalleled performance.

Key Features:

1. Gyro-Free Satellite Search:

Experience hassle-free satellite acquisition with Intellian’s gyro-free satellite search function. The v60G can lock onto the satellite without relying on a separate input from the ship’s gyro-compass, streamlining the setup process.

2. Aptus Remote Management:

Access, monitor, and control the v60G from anywhere in the world with Aptus remote management. Automate routine maintenance activities, including firmware upgrades, tracking parameter adjustments, and system diagnosis, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

3. Wireless & Networking Connectivity:

Leverage built-in Wi-Fi for connectivity with Intellian Aptus Mobile, providing advanced system control and monitoring. Enjoy features like One-Touch satellite library updates and firmware upgrades. The Intellian LAN port on the Antenna Control Unit (ACU) enables networking connectivity to other Intellian systems for integrated monitoring and control.

4. Time and Cost Savings:

The v60G’s simplified design facilitates easy installation and setup, eliminating the need for a skilled engineer. The system’s reliability minimizes maintenance requirements, resulting in significant time and cost savings over its operational lifetime.

5. Dual VSAT Mediator:

Ensure uninterrupted broadband communications with the Dual VSAT Mediator. Designed to communicate with two Antenna Control Units (ACU) simultaneously, this unit is perfect for redundant antenna environments. The Mediator automates switching between two antenna systems within an impressive 60 milliseconds.

6. Combined BUC Power and TX Signal:

Simplify installation and retrofitting with the v60G’s single-cable solution. The system delivers 48V DC power and the TX signal through one RF cable from its control unit, streamlining the installation process and minimizing cable clutter.

Elevate Your Connectivity Experience:

The Intellian v60G is more than just a satellite communication system—it’s a revolutionary solution designed to enhance your connectivity experience. From gyro-free satellite search to automated remote management and simplified installation, the v60G ensures that staying connected is effortless, reliable, and cost-effective. Welcome to the future of satellite communication with the Intellian v60G.

Intellian v65Ka

Introducing the Intellian v65Ka: High-Performance Connectivity for Smaller Vessels on THOR 7 Network

The v65Ka by Intellian is your gateway to high-speed connectivity on Telenor’s High Throughput Thor-7 network. Built on Intellian’s cutting-edge 60cm antenna pedestal, this compact and lightweight solution packs a punch, delivering blazing speeds in a form factor that is certified to the highest military standards for extreme shock and vibration.

Key Features:

1. Ready for THOR 7’s High Throughput Ka-band Service:

Experience the power of Telenor’s High Throughput Thor-7 network with the v65Ka. This antenna is specifically designed to deliver high-speed connectivity, ensuring optimal performance for your communication needs.

2. Fully iDirect Compliant:

The v65Ka is fully compliant with iDirect, offering seamless integration and compatibility with iDirect’s advanced satellite communication solutions. Enjoy a smooth and efficient communication experience with this fully compliant system.

3. Robust Remote Support Capability:

Ensure continuous performance with the v65Ka’s robust remote support capability. Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize your system remotely, minimizing downtime and maximizing reliability even in challenging ocean conditions.

4. Fast and Easy Installation:

Experience the convenience of fast and easy installation with the v65Ka. The system is designed for efficiency, reducing installation time and ensuring that you can get your connectivity up and running quickly.

5. Built-in Spectrum Analyzer:

Enhance your system management with the v65Ka’s built-in spectrum analyzer. This feature provides valuable insights into your satellite communication environment, allowing for proactive monitoring and optimization.

6. Intellian LAN:

Benefit from seamless networking connectivity with the Intellian LAN. Connect the v65Ka to other Intellian systems, enabling integrated monitoring and control for a comprehensive communication solution.

Elevate Your Connectivity Experience:

The v65Ka by Intellian is more than just an antenna—it’s a high-performance solution designed to meet the unique needs of smaller vessels navigating challenging ocean conditions. From fast and easy installation to robust remote support capabilities, the v65Ka ensures that you stay connected with reliability and speed. Step into the future of satellite communication with the Intellian v65Ka.

LARS Thrane LT-3100

The LT-3100 Iridium Communications System is a maritime satellite communication product from Lars Thrane A/S. The LT-3100 system is designed for the professional market (deep sea, fishing, and workboats), but can be used for the leisure market as well. The LT-3100 system meets all standards and certification requirements needed for worldwide maritime satellite communication equipment.

The LT-3100 system has voice and data capabilities with 100% global coverage. The LT-3100 system consist of a control unit, handset unit, and an antenna unit. A single cable coaxial connects the control unit with the antenna unit. Using a standard coaxial cable, up to 500 meters of separation between the units can be obtained, giving freedom to mount the antenna in the best possible location, with free line of sight to the satellites.

The LT-3100 system can be used as the primary satellite communication product on vessels, covering the basic communication needs in terms of connectivity between the ship and shore. In addition, the LT-3100 system can be used for crew calling or as a back-up satellite communication product. The LT-3100 system provides voice, SMS, data, vessel tracking, and other Iridium services with competitive airtime rates.


  • Voice, SMS, Data, and Vessel tracking
  • 2.4 Kbit/s and 10 Kbit/s compressed data
  • Programmable softkeys for e.g. Emergency Service
  • Single antenna cable solution (up to 500 m)
  • High-performance GNSS/GPS receiver
  • Noise-cancelling microphone and equalizer for improved audio quality
  • Bluetooth interface supporting voice, SMS, and data
  • Large 4.3” TFT display supporting day and night modes
  • Voice prompt audio feedback
  • Firewall and user authentication for a high level of security
  • Webserver for configuration and maintenance
  • Support external LAN Wi-Fi Access Points
  • Support external SIP PABX and SIP handsets
  • Connectivity of Smartphones, Softphones, and Apps

Paradigm Connect 180

The CONNECT180 terminal is the largest of the fixed Global Xpress Certified Solution. Combining both optimal performance and functionality, the CONNECT180 provides access to the most advanced IP satellite services. The terminal is ideal for applications demanding very high availability and very high bandwidth and offers the lowest costing airtime of all Global Xpress terminals.

Designed for demanding environments, the CONNECT180 offers a variety of features to achieve the required accuracy needed for the best possible GX performance, including the One Touch Calibration function to enable simple RF-chain setup. Tthe CONNECT180 is offered as a standard terminal, with relevant accessories. Installation manuals and a quick start guide are also supplied on CDROM. For ease of setup, a tool kit with compass is provided.

Supplied with either a Kingpost, Non-Penetrating Roof Mount or Paradigm ISO Container Mount, the antenna system can be deployed/installed in any location.

Terminal M&C and modem operations are performed by the Indoor Paradigm Interface Module (PIM), which can optionally be supplied as a Rack Mount unit. For scenarios where the modem is required to operate outside, Paradigm offers an Outdoor PIM option.

Cobham SATCOM’s SAILOR 100 GX High Power Fleet Xpress User Terminal: Empowering Bandwidth-Hungry Environments

Unleash the potential of high data rate plans with Cobham SATCOM’s SAILOR 100 GX High Power, a compact 1-meter, 3-axis stabilized Ka-band user terminal. Specifically designed for Inmarsat’s high data rate plans, this terminal is a game-changer for bandwidth-hungry segments such as offshore support vessels (OSV), global cruise ships, and superyachts.

Key Features:

1. High Power Performance:

The SAILOR 100 GX High Power delivers twice the RF power of standard GX terminals, transforming the economics of transmitting large data volumes from ship to shore. Benefit from enhanced service quality and availability on a global scale.

2. Tailored for Bandwidth-Hungry Segments:

Designed to meet the demands of bandwidth-hungry environments, including offshore support vessels, global cruise ships, and superyachts. This terminal ensures optimal performance in data-intensive applications.

3. Comprehensive System Inclusions:

The system includes the Above Deck Unit (ADU) with a 103cm reflector, 10W Block Upconverter (BUC), Low-Noise Block (LNB), and mounting accessories. The Antenna Control Unit (ACU) is AC-powered for 19″ rack mounting (1U). The GX Modem Unit (GMU) is designed for 19″ rack/cabinet mounting (1U). The package is complete with user and installation manuals, power cords, NMEA multi-plug, coax cables, serial cables, and Ethernet cables.

System Components:

– Above Deck Unit (ADU):

  • 103cm Reflector
  • 10W BUC
  • LNB
  • Mounting Accessories

– Antenna Control Unit (ACU):

  • AC Powered for 19″ Rack Mounting (1U)

– GX Modem Unit (GMU):

  • For 19″ Rack/Cabinet Mounting (1U)

– Inclusions:

  • User & Installation Manual
  • AC Power Cord
  • NMEA Multi-Plug
  • Coax Cables (2x 1m 75 Ohm TX/RX ACU-VMU)
  • Ethernet Cable
  • RS-232/RS-422 Serial Cables (2x)
  • 115/230VAC Power Cord

Elevate Your Connectivity:

The SAILOR 100 GX High Power Fleet Xpress User Terminal is a powerful solution that redefines connectivity in bandwidth-intensive maritime environments. With enhanced RF power and tailored design, this terminal ensures optimal performance, enabling seamless data transmission and reception for your maritime operations. Experience the future of high-speed satellite communication with Cobham SATCOM’s SAILOR 100 GX High Power.


Introducing the SAILOR 100 GX: Cutting-Edge Ka-band Antenna System for Global Connectivity

The SAILOR 100 GX, crafted by Cobham SATCOM, stands as an advanced 3-axis stabilized Ka-band antenna system meticulously designed for the Inmarsat Global Xpress® satellite network. This compact and lightweight solution redefines maritime connectivity, offering seamless access to high-speed communication in a user-friendly package.

Key Features:

1. Inmarsat Global Xpress® Compatibility:

The SAILOR 100 GX is purpose-built for the Inmarsat Global Xpress® satellite network, ensuring optimal performance and access to high-speed communication services.

2. Compact and Lightweight Design:

Experience the convenience of a compact and lightweight antenna system. The SAILOR 100 GX’s streamlined design enhances portability without compromising on performance.

3. Single Cable Connectivity:

Simplify installation with a single cable connecting the antenna to below-deck equipment for RF, power, and data. This streamlined connectivity reduces clutter and enhances the overall efficiency of the communication setup.

4. Advanced Calibration Features:

Benefit from advanced features such as Automatic Azimuth Calibration (home flag) and Automatic Cable Calibration. These capabilities significantly reduce installation time, ensuring a swift and hassle-free deployment.

5. Global Xpress One Touch Commissioning:

Experience unparalleled ease of deployment with the Global Xpress One Touch Commissioning feature. This user-friendly functionality simplifies the commissioning process, making the SAILOR 100 GX incredibly easy to deploy.

Elevate Your Connectivity Experience:

The SAILOR 100 GX Ka-band VSAT Antenna is an integral part of AST’s VSAT solution, leveraging the Inmarsat Global Xpress satellite network. With its advanced features, streamlined design, and compatibility with cutting-edge satellite technology, the SAILOR 100 GX redefines maritime connectivity, ensuring that you stay connected seamlessly and efficiently. Welcome to the future of high-speed satellite communication with the SAILOR 100 GX.