The BD615: The Ultimate IP66 Digital Device with Unbeatable Value

£1750 for 10 Radios.

Looking for the perfect digital device that offers exceptional performance and reliability? Look no further than the BD615. As a successor to the highly regarded TC6 analogue series, the BD615 carries forward its impressive capabilities while delivering enhanced communication features that are both user-friendly and dependable.

With its sturdy construction and eye-catching vibrant yellow casing, the Hytera BD615 is specifically designed to thrive in challenging environments where water and dust are constant factors. Its rugged build ensures durability and longevity, making it the ideal choice for professionals operating in demanding conditions.

To further customize your communication experience, the BD615 offers a wide range of accessories. Many of these accessories are compatible with the popular BD5, PD4, and PD5 series radios, giving BD615 users the flexibility to personalize their devices according to their unique requirements.

Choose the BD615 today and discover the unmatched value it brings to your communication needs. Experience top-notch performance, reliability, and adaptability, all in one exceptional IP66 digital device