Push to Talk over Cellular, or PTT over cellular, as it is also referred to is a method of two-way radio communication.

As the name suggests, Push to Talk uses cellular mobile phone networks, rather than radio-to-radio, or radio-to-radio via a repeater, that traditional two-way radio systems use.

For those reading who are not familiar with the term ‘cellular network’, let me explain. The cellular network is the existing communications infrastructure that makes you mobile (or cell phone for USA readers) work.

You are probably familiar with seeing those metal towers by the side of the road with antennas on them, well many of them are the receiving and transmitting antennas for the mobile phone network.

Those towers enable the radio signal to move to and from your mobile phone, allowing them to be mobile. A mobile phone is basically a different form of handheld two-way radio, operating on a higher frequency (typically around 900Mhz or 1800Mhz).

PTT over Cellular combines the advantages of a mobile phone, with the call speed of a traditional two-way radio.

With Push to Talk over Cellular the user can communicate almost instantly, by pressing a button, rather than having to dial a number.

This speed advantage can be critical in some situations, such as an emergency.

The handsets used with Push to Talk over Cellular networks, can either be shaped like the traditional handheld two-way radio, or just a special app installed on a mobile phone.

Case Study:

Beverley Puppet Festival is an established event which takes place in the lovely town of Beverley, East Yorkshire.

The event takes place simultaneosly at various venues throught the town.

Therefore the organisers had the requirement to be able to communicate over a wide area.

Other challenges were a lot of signal blocking metal framed buildings, such as the Frenchgate shopping centre.

After checking with Ofcom, that there was full cellular data coverage both inside and outside, we set up a PPT / POC system for the client.

Being PPT over Cellular, there was no coverage limit, and no need for radio repeaters to be installed, to boost range.

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