The VoCoVo GO+ is a plug-and-play communication headset system specifically designed for customer-facing teams.

It aims to enhance communication and connectivity between colleagues and customers in a simple and efficient manner.

The system includes additional customer call point functionality, which allows customers to easily connect with staff members when assistance is needed.

The VoCoVo GO+ system provides a wireless communication solution that enables team members to stay connected and collaborate effectively.

With the headset devices, staff members can communicate with each other seamlessly, improving coordination and response times.

The customer call point functionality allows customers to initiate communication with staff members directly.

This feature can be particularly useful in retail stores, hospitality venues, or other customer service-oriented environments.

When a customer needs assistance, they can activate a call point, and the system will notify the available staff members, enabling them to respond promptly.

The VoCoVo GO+ system is designed to be plug-and-play, meaning it is easy to set up and requires minimal installation or technical expertise.

This ensures a quick and hassle-free deployment, allowing businesses to start benefiting from improved communication and customer service capabilities rapidly.

For more detailed information about the VoCoVo GO+ system, including its specific features, functionalities, and compatibility, contact Yesway Communications.