Wind farms are on our doorstep in Lincolnshire.

We can quickly get to Grimsby and surrounding areas.

Wind farm owners further afield can also use our responsive services.


Atex two-way radio equipment is available.

Use ATEX equipment where there is the potential risk of explosion.

Areas requiring ATEX equipment include battery rooms, gas installations, and anywhere with a potentially explosive atmosphere.

IP Rating

IP is short for Ingress Protection.

An example of an IP rating is IP68.

The IP rating tells you how dust and waterproof a radio is.

The higher the number, the better it is.

Cheap radios tend to have low IP ratings, and may not be suitable for outdoor use.

IP ratings are especially important for offshore wind farms.

They are important because of the salty atmosphere at sea.


What we have seen before with cheap radios is internal corrosion.

Coastal locations have salty atmospheres, which can corrode internal components.

Corrosion of the radio internal circuitry will reduce the lifespan of the radio.

This is why it is a false economy to buy cheap radios with a low IP rating, for outdoor use.


For offshore wind farms, waterproof radios are useful.

Radios such as the well regarded Etel DX series, can be dropped in water and survive.

There are of course depth limits.

Don’t expect the radio to sit on an ocean floor for a day, and still work.

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