Public Wifi

Public Wifi that can be freely used by members of the public without paying for it, has been around for a few years now.

Places as diverse as fast food restaurants and  pubs have been offering it, to help attract customers.

Some towns and cities have gone one step further, and offered outdoor WIFI to the public, allowing free Internet connection on the go.

The European Commission, which is part of the EU has recently stated its ambition to give free WIFI to EU Citizens, in towns and cities throughout the European Union.

The funding is available between 2017-2019, and is open to all municipalities within  EU member states.

This includes the United Kingdom, as we are not due to leave the EU until March 2019.

Funding provides vouchers on a first come first served basis, that allow local municipalities  to select an registered provider company, to supply and install free public WIFI.

Yesway Ltd is registered with the EU, as an authorised provider company, and can help bring free public WIFI to your local town of city.

To get the ball rolling, contact us on (01522) 740818, and ask for Craig Miles.

Alternatively use the contact form on this site below

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