School Radio Hire

  • Instant Emergency Communications
  • Public Safety
  • Easily expanded system


If your school requires additional two way radios for new staff or sports days etc, we are able to supply hire radios on your school frequencies at a cost effective price.

This can include on-site event management and control services at your event.

We are enhanced DBS checked, and have actual school teaching experience, including being involved in events, such as sports days.

Therefore we can seamlessly and safely ‘fit in’ to the background to offer full communications support, if needed.

Using Two-Way radio for your school event improves safety, by being able to coordinate with other staff members instantly.

Radio is also good for keeping in touch with staff taking children out on trips, such as swimming or to a local nature reserve.

An example of a recent event that used two-way radios was a sports event in North Lincolnshire.

This event brought together schools from a wide area of North Lincolnshire & East Yorkshire, to participate in sports events.

Hand-held Two-Way Radio was used effectively to be able to co-ordinate the track events, between coordinators and track based staff, and first aid personnel.

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