Repeater Programming Training workshop based in Lincoln, or your premises.

Course Title: One-Day Repeater Programming Workshop

Duration: 1 day

Course Description: This enjoyable one-day workshop offers practical training in repeater programming, focusing on essential skills needed for configuring and maintaining repeater systems.

Participants engage in hands-on activities and simulations to gain proficiency in programming software, setting frequencies, and performing basic troubleshooting.

Workshop Agenda:

Morning Session (4 hours):

  1. Introduction to Repeater Operation (1 hour)
    • Overview of repeater function and its importance in extending communication range, of VHF & UHF based two-way radio systems.
    • Explanation of simplex, duplex, and half-duplex communication modes
  2. Repeater Components and Equipment (1 hour)
    • Overview of essential repeater components: Duplexers, antennas, UPS, etc.
    • Understanding linking equipment and networking options
  3. Programming Basics (2 hours)
    • Hands-on training in using programming software for repeater configuration
    • Setting frequencies, tones, colour codes, and basic operational parameters

Afternoon Session (4 hours): 4. Frequency Coordination and Licensing (1 hour).

  • Overview of the licensing process and frequency coordination requirements
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory standards for legal operation.
  1. Configuration and Maintenance (2 hours)
    • Practical exercises in configuring repeaters for specific frequencies and modes
    • Basic maintenance tasks and troubleshooting common issues
  2. Safety and Emergency Procedures (1 hour)
    • Safety protocols for working with RF equipment and climbing towers
    • Emergency response procedures for power outages, equipment failures, etc.

Delivery Method:

  • Instructor-led sessions with interactive demonstrations and hands-on activities.
  • Small group exercises and simulations for practical learning.
  • Q&A sessions to address participant queries and concerns.

Prerequisites: Basic familiarity with telecommunications concepts and radio communication principles would be beneficial but not required.

Target Audience: Telecommunications technicians, amateur radio enthusiasts, and anyone involved in the setup or maintenance of repeater systems.

Certification: Participants will receive a certificate of completion for the One-Day Repeater Programming Workshop.