Yesway Communications’ have been providing two-way radio services to diverse businesses sectors in Lincolnshire and beyond, since 2010.

We always aim to have our customers best interests at heart, and don’t just try to sell you the most expensive system.

We can design you a totally new system from scratch, or integrate new radio equipment into existing legacy two-way radio systems.

The first step to our business relationship, is to come and meet you (covid regulations permitting), and find out what you do as a business, and how we can help improve it using two-way radio communications technology.

For example, the safety of Lone Workers can be improved, through GPS tracking, Man Down, and Lone Worker technologies, which are built into many modern two-way radios.

Modern radio systems can also have huge coverage range, at a much more affordable price than older technologies.

For example, PTT Over Cellular (also known as POC), combines the instant communication capability of traditional two-way radio solutions, with the almost unlimited coverage of the mobile phone network.

PTT Over Cellular can be beneficial in a wide range of industry sectors, and our experts will advise in plain English, the pros and cons of each solution.

Our business is based in Lincoln, but we are happy to travel to come and meet with you.

Its our aim to explain the technologies, without using unnecessary industry jargon, as we recognise that you are expert in your own field, but not necessarily in ours.