Facilities Management Voice and Data Communications

Facilities Management

Facilities management takes place in a wide range of buildings, in both the public and private sectors.

Our company can help with both your voice and data communication needs.

Voice services include instant mobile communication, using handheld radios.

Handheld radios can be connected to a network, to provide wide area, or even multi site communications.

‘Man Down’ safety features, allow the triggering of an alert to your colleagues or control room, in the event of an emergency situation.

Employees, such as Hospital Housekeepers, can be monitored when working alone. The Lone Worker feature of many radios, prompts the employee to press a button on the radio.

If the employee fails to press the button when prompted, then an alert is raised.

For facilities management of wet areas, such as swimming pools, we recommend a two-way radio with a high IP rating.

IP is short for Ingress Protection, and is made up of two numbers.

The numbers signify the equipment’s resistance to water and dust, getting inside the casing.

The higher the numbers, the more resistant to moisture and dust, the product is.