Healthcare Communication Solutions

Healthcare includes Hospitals and care homes. Hospitals are generally large buildings, with sophisticated communication requirements. Hospital Trusts may have multiple Hospital sites, or be spread over a large single site Fast and effective communication solutions not only improve safety, but also operational efficiency. Examples of where radio communications can be used in Hospitals, include managing and directing Hospital Porters, Car Park management, Management of Deep Clean teams, and Security.

Care Homes’ can also be made safer and more efficient using two-way radio communications, allowing care home employees to quickly be able to send emergency messages, to the care home managers.

Ensuring Health and safety among healthcare staff and patients is vital when it comes to healthcare facilities. Yesway Communications’ understands this, and insist on the importance of onsite surveys and signal coverage testing to ensure 100% radio communications coverage. The fabric of the building can effect radio waves, which is why healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, should never buy an ‘off the shelf’ system. We achieve 100% coverage for our clients through radio signal repeaters and antenna distribution systems, such as ‘Dipoles’ and ‘Leaky Feeders’.  We can supply Handheld digital radios and accessories from most leading manufacturers, including Motorola, Entel & Hytera. Modern handheld radios often have the ability to incorporate GPS tracking, man down safety alarms, lone worker protection, emergency text messaging and fire alarm panel integration.