Maritime Broadband Connectivity from Yesway Communications.

Merchant Shipping

Merchant Shipping

OneWeb’s cutting-edge connectivity turns ships into efficient mobile offices. Our range of network solutions has been carefully designed to meet the evolving needs of the digitalizing shipping industry. This technology empowers fleet owners to:

  1. Embrace transformative tech to enhance operations.
  2. Boost performance and cut costs through optimized vessel management.
  3. Monitor environmental factors for eco-friendly, sustainable practices.
  4. Ensure consistent bandwidth across all channels to support crew productivity and well-being.

What’s more, our global service is not only reliable but also boasts exceptional Arctic capacity – a pioneering achievement in maritime connectivity.


Offshore Excellence

Whether you’re dealing with FPSOs, OSVs, or rigs in both shallow and deep waters, our versatile products are tailor-made for offshore operators looking to enhance their operational resilience. In a complex industry like offshore operations, we enable you to maximize production while minimizing costs.

Our low-latency network opens up exciting possibilities, including real-time automation, live video streaming, and advanced predictive maintenance. No costly fiber infrastructure investments are required. This means a substantial portion of offshore operations can be efficiently overseen or managed from onshore, leading to significant cost reductions.

Cruise Ship

Cruising with OneWeb

Imagine having the same seamless access to your favorite apps, whether it’s gaming, social media, or streaming movies, whether you’re at sea or sailing through regional waters, just like you would at home. OneWeb makes it possible. Our high-speed network brings a world of possibilities onboard, transforming your cruise into a “city on the sea.” This not only enhances passenger experiences but also ensures safety with round-the-clock real-time monitoring of decks and equipment.


Improving Connectivity for Ferries

OneWeb offers ferry operators a dependable solution to escape the pitfalls of unpredictable terrestrial networks. We ensure uninterrupted high-speed connectivity with a variety of cost-effective plans designed to accommodate different operations and vessel sizes.

Our intelligent terminal solution, featuring high-look angles, guarantees that passengers can stay connected throughout their journey. Say farewell to connectivity issues and enjoy a smooth and hassle-free ferry experience.

Leisure Craft

Elevating Leisure Vessel Connectivity

OneWeb’s service ensures that users of vessels, regardless of size, enjoy consistently high-speed and top-quality connectivity during their entire voyage, whether along the coastline or in the middle of the ocean. With OneWeb, vessel owners can relish the convenience of activating plans instantly, offering seasonal connectivity options based on usage to prevent unexpected expenses. Say goodbye to surprises and hello to uninterrupted leisure connectivity.

Commercial Fishing

Enhancing Connectivity for Commercial Fishing

OneWeb is set to provide both fishing fleets and individual vessels with the same high-quality maritime broadband connectivity that was previously only available to larger vessels. This improved connectivity will cater to their data needs, including tracking catches, reporting activities, and submitting operational and regulatory data. With OneWeb, fishing fleets can efficiently and securely meet the growing demands of their operations while ensuring safety and sustainability.


Elevating Connectivity for Super Yachts

Our solutions empower customers to explore the oceans with the assurance of top-notch, dependable, and cost-effective connectivity that caters to all their requirements, regardless of location or time. OneWeb’s robust network enables yacht owners to conduct their business activities securely while on board. Our sophisticated service is flexible enough to meet a wide range of bandwidth demands, whether for leisure or operational needs, serving both passengers and crew seamlessly.

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